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Christine Oldham, BS, PMP, CNSA, a longtime student of Notary2Pro, is a fantastic success story. Initially, having no experience, Christine needed to gain knowledge about the Loan Signing Agent business and was encouraged by a friend to look into it. Christine researched, joined several organizations, and took multiple training courses.

“I strongly recommend educating yourself as much as possible, including taking the elite course Notary2Pro offers. The course includes loan document signing specialist training, professional loan signing agent training, and reverse mortgage specialist training. The Notary2Pro elite course is reasonably priced and worth its weight in gold because it will save you from frustration and possible notarial errors. Also, take the Direct Closers training (Certified Master Closer). This video-based training course is also very reasonably priced. Too many individuals apply for their Notarial Commission and stop there. However, there is much more to learn to perform notarial work as a professional, ensure that your business thrives, and keep yourself out of hot water.”

Although Christine’s business is booming today, it wasn’t that way initially. When she started, it took her about nine months to see her results pay off. She continued to market herself and stated that was her biggest challenge.

When we asked Christine whether this industry is for everyone, Christine stated, “This is a business. You should treat it as one by researching and determining if it is a good fit for you. Being able to perform this type of work is not the proverbial ‘cakewalk’ that some companies advertise it to be.” Of course, Christine emphasizes perseverance’s importance: “Don’t give up! Network, market, and reach out to local title/escrow companies and loan officers. Try the loan officer from your home loan, and talk with your realtor about possible networking connections.”

Most also add, “Waiting for calls to come in was one of the most
difficult aspects of starting up. Carol Ray’s mentoring played an integral role in my success.” Christine continues to encourage others to learn how to run a business and educate themselves about all the “nuts and bolts” of business ownership, including knowing how to pay taxes. She continues, “Keep diligent notes, retain all receipts, maintain a log of your mileage and trip itemizations, etc. If you can afford it, build a website and buy business cards to share with general notary work (GNW) clients and businesses.”

Notary2Pro is very proud of Christine’s hard work and continued accomplishments as a notary public and loan signing agent. Keep up the great work and high standards!

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