Our Testimonials

What follows below are just a few of the letters we have received endorsing the Notary2Pro Premier Educational System. These are real people who are our Graduates. They were more than willing to include their names and contact information for anyone who might want to ask them questions about their experience taking the Notary2Pro Course.

Russ Kihm

Hi Carol, Thanks for taking my call the other day. It is always good to talk to a Pioneer of the Notary Signing Agent profession. I remember about 4 years ago trying to listen to your class lessons, and the work radio (I retired from the Border Patrol), at the same time. After I passed your test, and I started to get many phone calls from Signing Companies who had seen I had taken and passed Notary 2 Pro’s class, I decided to retire from the Border Patrol. By the way fun class to listen to, and I learned a lot about something I knew absolutely nothing about. It is good knowledge and I have been able to help friends and family members during there loan process with some things. And I remember some things as you said in your class, I always ask borrowers if there are any difficulties in finding there house, I take my flashlight (as it is dark here at 4:30 in Bellingham WA) and I love to listen to the signers stories especially senior citizens.

Have a great week Carol and Barbara, and thanks for taking my call concerning First American Title the other day.

Ellen J Shepherd

I encourage all newer Notary Signing Agents to seek out Carol Ray and secure her mentorship. Even if you have taken signing agent training courses, she has much more to offer. She will move you to a much more advanced level – one you did not know existed.

I came from the field of education and had no clue about the mortgage, loan and real estate industries, but Carol knows and will share freely with you. She has added to the skills I already had from the field of education and has brought me new and much needed insights. Whether you need specifics about a loan document or you just need moral support while under stress, Carol will be there for you. She was there for me and I am grateful !!!

Natashcha Ray

I am not being paid for this comment or advertising, but I just completed Notary2Pro training and even though I have been involved in this business for 16 years sometimes we do things subconsiciously and dont realize why. Its the old that is the way I have always done it. This course is especially great for new Notaries who need training. The owner Carol is very compassionate for the business and wants to help anyway she can. If you take this course and don’t understand the docs or how to do a signing pick another career.

Joyce D. Hall Notary2pro grad too. I emailed Carol a couple of times to ask questions and she responded fast. I also feel like she has the best training course and I also recommend her.

Christine Oldham

Thanks to Kisha Smith for making this group visible and available to me, as well as the great people I have met who have been patient with the new notaries. Because of your input and post I was able to determine which was the best initial steps for me in the pursuit of obtaining my NSA certification. I chose Notary2Pro. For the notary who has not obtained certification I have listed a few of my experiences with this educational program:

1. After the initial contact – I was contacted by owner Carol Ray herself, whom asked what attracted me to her program, my response.. I wanted to learn the practical side of the business, mind you I have never done this before.
2. She offered mentoring in addition to the program.. I will take all of the help I can get.
3. The program was straight forward.. no fluff!
4. I was introduced to common industry documents, explained what they were and how to disect them.
5. I was told what to expect, how to handle problems, how to setup my office, and taught the signing procces from signing agency contact through ending the appointment.
Most importantly, she will be available with advance notice for my first signing and any questions or concerns I have thereafter.
6. I sent her a list of questions via email, oppose to emailing or avoiding my questions… she called the next day and reviewed and answered each one…

Simply put I chose the program because I wanted to be exposed to what I would be actually doing…
I understand choosing NNA and why… but after reading reviews by many stating that after their training and exam they still felt lost and uncertain.. I wanted to give myself the best start possible and make my initial investment count.
Well worth the money!
I’m excited and happy to be amongst this prestigious group of professionals.

“In case you want to learn more about explaining documents, consider checking out the training and certification programs at Notary2Pro by Carol Ray.

I achieved my CNSA through the NNA, but I perceived that I did not sufficiently understand the process to present the documents clearly and concisely to the borrowers; although, it did provide an introduction to the work process and flow. I understood the ‘nuts & bolts’ of the process, but I really wanted some ‘hands-on’ training and document familiarization.

I am a detail-oriented person and since this work is performed solo with full responsibilities, I was seeking additional training to ensure that my work would be professional and accurate.

So, I researched several Notary Signing Agent forums and found multiple positive references to the Notary2Pro program. I researched the details on Carol Ray’s site and it looked to be a good fit for me. I reached out to Carol via phone and that conversation confirmed it was the program I was seeking. I signed up for both training courses [Loan Document Signing Specialist & Professional Signing Agent] as well as the mentoring program. I loved all of the training and mentoring! After successfully completing the training and certifications, it was then obvious that the training really filled in a lot of the ‘blanks’ for me and raised my confidence level regarding presenting documents. In addition, In addition, I have successfully completed the Reverse Mortgage training and certification as well.

Carol’s training was INSTRUMENTAL in preparing me for successful and professional completion of the loan signing and general notary work as well. I strongly recommend Carol’s training as it is comprehensive and increases confidence, skills, and abilities to a professional level.”

Sean Desmond

As a soon to be Notary Signing Agent I found these presentation videos to be quite helpful and informative. I am glad to be coming into this field at this time. Knowing that that these new Closing Disclosures with a 3 day lead way to the borrower will greatly improve the signing process is a huge relief. I now feel that I will be able to do my job much more effectively, and have the customer (borrower) be much more satisfied with my service provided. I do feel for Signing Agents who have in the past had to endure much question, confusion, and disappointment by the uninformed borrower. Often being the ones who gets the brunt of it. Kudos to those who persevered.

Overall, thanks to Carol and company who continue to provide some of the best training and resources out there.

Richard Atkinson

There is no one in the Notary industry running a website that would take the time to call you and congratulate you on joining her team and school. I wanted to take this time to thank Carol for being a sweetheart. THANK YOU!

Jay Schankman

I just cannot say enough good things about the quality of training that Ms. Ray is offering through her courses. I was NNA certified and successfully completing signings, but in a short time I realized some gaps in my knowledge. I was picking up bits and pieces, but I stopped all efforts of securing relationships with the preferred signing services until I felt my questions were answered. After several days woodshedding, I discovered the answers to so many questions that I didn’t even know I had. While it was feasible to continue on learning as I went on, I am so glad that I made a small investment to better my knowledge. This could very well save me from losing valuable time and money. But more importantly, I now feel 100% competent and confident that I am offering my best service to the companies that contract me, and to my public here in southern Ohio.

Also, I want to mention that Carol’s warmth and responsiveness to her students is unprecedented. She is very knowledgeable and helpful and we are fortunate to have her as an advocate. She deserves our support, and newly certified signing agents really owe it to themselves to utilize the resources and experience she is sharing.

Sam R. Bullock

I have taken the course offered by NNA and since have completed and credential by the NNA. However, I was left with an uneasiness about the course I had just completed,because the course didn’t give me the confidence to go out and make this new career apart of my day to day life. I heard about notary2pro from online ads and decided to give them a try.

The course covered the same subject matter as the NNA’s program, EXCEPT the design and illustrations by Ms Carol Ray are second to none. After completing Notary2Pro’s program, I had the confidence to not only become a signing agent, I was firmly in control of the knowledge needed to be effective as a Signing Agent. Ms Ray’s approach to teaching put you the student in the drivers seat and allow you to capture the work flow of a signing agent.

Ms. Ray has worked in the mortgage industry for a number of years and has an insider look. Notary2Pro is a program I’d recommend to anyone interested in becoming a Notary Signing Agent.

Paula Fleming

When I decided to become a signing agent, I went to the National Notary Association website to find a trustworthy company to obtain my training and certification. Notary2Pro was the clear standout and I knew I was in good hands within minutes of contacting Carol. The comprehensive methodology she has compiled based on her years of experience, in conjunction with her nurturing warmth, patience and genuine kindness sent me forth with a sense of confidence that I wouldn’t otherwise have had. I can’t recommend this company enough and easily do so whenever anyone asks me how to get started. If you want to be the best – learn from the best and that’s Notary2Pro!

Rose Sammons

I just wanted to point out to anyone that is going to be a Signing Notary Agent that this course helped build my confidence in completing my 1st assignment. I also like the mentoring that is offered, as I always know if I am in a bind, I have someone to help me. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 25 years and although I am familiar with the documents, I was still very nervous with my 1st assignment. I couldn’t have spent better for what I got back from the course. The test is tough enough so that when you don’t pass the 1st time, you have to go over the material again, so that you can do better to pass. I found this very helpful, as you are learning not just going through the motions of passing a test. Good job to Carol and Barbara. I so appreciate you!! I can’t thank you enough for being there for me on my new venture! You are the best!

Kim David Hutfilz

Thank you very much. The course was excellent! I started doing Signings back in 2005 when I was laid off and continued to do so until I took a job in 2006. I was just laid off again earlier this year. After nearly 30 years in the IT field working for Fortune 100 companies (e.g.: IBM and AT&T) and with the jobs being moved off-shore at an accelerated pace (including mine), I have decided to leave IT and go back to my signing career.

I have been personally responsible for handling multi-million dollar transactions and support for applications that multi-billion dollar firms relied on for their businesses to function. I understand how important every detail is and how legal technicalities can come into play. I have worked closely with people from all over the world on a daily basis, both as a peer and direct employee.

I took the course to ‘bring myself up to speed’. I had no idea how much my ‘training’ in 2005 lacked. I truly appreciate the attention you obviously paid to putting this course together.
Thank you again.

Sonja L. Anderson

When I decided four months ago to become a notary signing agent, I promptly signed up for a national certification course and, soon thereafter, passed their exam. However, upon completion of that course, I realized I knew just enough to be totally dangerous to myself and others. A little background: I come from a family of renters, and I’m the first one in my immediate family to own a home. Real estate and loan terms were so foreign to me, I barely knew what escrow was.

What to do? What wild hair got into me to make me think I could be a signing agent in the first place? I had no clue how to put theory into practice. I pored over my own home loan papers to try to walk myself through the package, but I was still in the dark.

I then discovered Carol Ray’s Notary2Pro. Okay, prospective signing agents: do not hesitate, do not walk, *run* to sign up for this course. If you want a solid grounding in the document signing process and hands-on experience, Notary2Pro is, bar none, the way to go. Carol is an ideal mentor: knowledgeable, effective, accessible, and professional. Her materials are comprehensive, clear, and organized; the sample documents with notes are a godsend. Not only does Carol walk you through a loan signing–complete with “script” and how to weave the “story” together, she also tells you the pros and cons of the signing agent business, helps the new signing agent with setting up the biz, takes you through that first call from a signing service, offers fabulous resources, and gives you the inside scoop like only a seasoned veteran can.

I’ve gone from not knowing what a HUD-1 is to eagerly anticipating my first signing. Carol’s course has given me the knowledge and the confidence that I can do this. I’m so excited about my new career, and I cannot thank Carol Ray enough.

Feel free to email me if you want to chat about the course. I’m more than happy to talk to you about my experience with Notary2Pro. I also plan to take the advanced course as soon as I can. I’ve absolutely no regrets. These classes are well worth every penny.

Sharon L. Huffin

I am so excited to be an official Signing Agent and a graduate of Notary2Pro, whoo-hoo!! The course is amazing! Very informative, the sections are not too long, and the teaching is very clear and easy to follow. You have such a pleasant and clear teaching voice that at times it felt like you were right in my office! I almost forgot that I was listening to an audio and was ready to raise my hand and ask ‘you’ a question (LOL!) I love the way take your students step by step, from setting up our office, to how to dress, to how to answer our phone, to returning the documents to the lender. I also appreciate how you occassionally say, ‘This is very important’ or ‘You need to be aware of….’ I immediately knew that this was a critical piece of information that could possibly mean either success or failure for me as a signing agent, and I needed to pay attention. The ‘sticky notes’ on the documents helps draw our attention to pertinent information on the document samples and even helped me to pass the exam. Carol, you covered a LOT of information in a clear, easy to understand way, and in a relatively short period of time. It’s clear to me that you are highly knowledgeable about loan closings and it’s also clear that you are committed to helping your students to succeed. (Sidebar: When you tell us to be upbeat, friendly, and smile when speaking on the phone, I can tell from our phone conversation today that you personally practice what you preach!) I just finished listening to the audio training, and I learned something about notarizing that I thought I already knew. I need to arm myself with as much information that you have so graciously made available because Carol, I want to learn how to do this thing right. I refuse to be a raggedy & wrong signing agent, who shows up 3 hours late, wearing flip-flops and a halter top with my belly hanging out, drenched with a gallon of perfume, throw some papers at the borrowers, tell them to hurry & sign them, and send them back to the lenders via snail mail. I believe that the best way to succeed at something is to listen to the people who have already experienced success in it. That would be you.
A satisfied customer, perpetual learner, and a proud Notary2Pro graduate,

Karen Howard

Notary2Pro was the best online training I have ever had. As a teacher and real estate broker, I have had the opportunity to take many classes live and online. The program was very clear with step-by-step instructions. The situations were realistic and meaningful. The language used in the program was appropriate and not filled with “industry buzz words.” Best money I’ve spent on training in 20 years.

Phyllis E. Traylor

I wanted to inform you that I have recently completed the Notary2Pro Certified Signing Agent Course, along with the Beyond the Basics Course also provided by Notary2Pro. I found both of these courses to be well put together, and the training materials were exceptional. Prior to taking the Notary2Pro training courses, I had taken two other courses with agencies I will not name, but I will tell you, that those courses pale in comparison to the Notary2Pro courses.

The Notary2Pro Courses actually take the guess work out of the duties and responsibilities of a Signing Agent. Both Notary and Signing Agent expectations are explained in detail, which is what everyone in this business needs. Since entering this field, I have learned that the training requirements are all over the place from state to state. There is very little consistency, which leaves room for numerous errors. It is very encouraging to see that someone has come up with a professional standard that all Signing Agents and Notaries should adhere to.

An added benefit to completing the course, was receiving a phone call directly from Mrs. Carol Ray herself, letting me know that I had actually passed the course, and also discussing areas she felt I had trouble in. I couldn’t believe the instructor of a course offered nationally was so passionate about the success of her students. It has only added to the pride I take in having successfully completed the course, and becoming a Notary2Pro Certified Signing Agent.

Sheri Falzone

Carol is a professional, knowledgeable, warm and inviting person. She’s Outstanding! She makes a personal investment in her students making certain they are knowledgeable, feel confident and are able to succeed. She personally called to welcomed me when I signed up for her Notary2Pro courses. I found it to be very reassuring and put me at ease. The course was excellent, informative, and well presented. She even walks you through full sets of documents. She does an exceptional job of preparing you for a career as a signing agent. Since finishing the courses, with her mentoring program, she continues to mentored me and is always there for any question I have. She provides a wealth of information and resources. She is wonderful!
Virginia Ratterree

“Carol Ray is a phenomenal teacher and counselor. As a graduate of Notary2Pro, she was very instrumental in helping me be a certified loan signing agent. Carol is always there when you need her to assist along the way. She is a great mentor. I highly recommend Carol Ray and Notary2Pro.”

Tara Perry

“I would absolutely recommend Notary 2 Pro training. The sample docs are priceless! I also receive support whenever I need it. It’s getting training and a mentor all in one.”

Shirley Ann Koch

“To anyone who is apprehensive about signing up for the Notary2Pro Course, don’t be! I got certified by one of the big notary companies who offer training and certification. I took and passed the course and thought I was well prepared until I did my first signing! Then I realized how little I really knew and was desperate to get some REAL training. I found Notary2Pro and am so glad I did! I have so much more confidence now. You don’t just get the Online Course, you get a real mentor who has been in the business for a long time. Carol and I have spoken often and she has emailed me just as often. It’s very comforting to know I can ask her something without being ridiculed!

Tracey Parish

I took a signing agent course, passed the test and received my certificate. What next? I had NO idea. I tried to see if I could go with another signing agent to a signing and see how it’s done but no one was interested in helping me. I was pretty much done with the whole idea. Then I received the hot tip to take Carol’s Notary2Pro course. I am SO glad I did. The course, the audio, the extra tips, detail and examples were so helpful. I felt I was ready when the call came to do a signing. I was nervous but once I got there I really felt comfortable. I knew what I was doing. And…..if I didn’t, I knew Carol was there to help me. Her course gave me the confidence I needed. I’m so excited!”

John L Savage Jr.

“Carol has created a very unique and viable business concept with Notary2Pro. The program truly models her spirit. Dedicated, resourceful, professional, and personable. After intensely searching for a trustworthy and knowledge base program with sound integrity of the content offered, I found Notary2Pro. At about 2am in the morning I told my wife that I finally found a course with every thing I was looking for. Something more than just the basics. Notary2Pro was actually the only course I found worth actually investing in because 1) Carol’s extensive knowledge and experience as a highly regarded Escrow Officer, 2) her own background as a very successful Loan Signing Specialist, and 3) her passion for teaching and ensuring her students understand the importance of the process and the documents they are working with. Out of all the courses out there, Notary2Pro is honestly the best and only one of its kind. I recommend Notary2Pro for every aspiring Notary Public and Loan Signing Specialist.”

Kathleen Otting

“I wish this information was available when they took my money to become an SA. This course was very enlightening! I will look and listen to the class again before my time is up. I am so happy that your former student posted it on Notary Rotary so I could find you.

Retta Wilson-Greer

“Carol, your Course is wonderful! It is exactly what any loan signer would need to take to get started and to become successful. It gave me all of the information I needed and I didn’t feel that I got ripped off for the fee. It was worth every penny. Thank you for taking the time to design a course that is both crucial and beneficial. Talk to you soon.”

Ira Horn

This letter came from a company who has hired graduates from our course.
The list of companies seeking out our graduates is growing.
Hi Carol, Thank YOU so much for helping me out with the last notary info request! We have had a very positive experience with every one of the notaries we have received from your company and we really appreciate you sending us more excellent notaries to add to our database. We hope to work with you and your graduates again soon! Thanks again, Jenny, Universal Document www.udxdirect.com

Becoming a Notary Public is easy. Running an Independent Loan Signing business takes more knowledge. Carol Ray offers you the information and support necessary to operate professionally and maximize profits. Save yourself the embarrassment and damage control of going into the field unprepared. Take the Notary2Pro course. I would be a bargain at any price.

Frank Amari

“Carol, is very energetic and very knowledgeable. She is also a very good loan closer and has decided to share her experience with other potential closers. The schooling that she and her husband started is an excellent resource for new nationwide notaries and has a very good reputation in the industry. I would highly recommend hiring a student from this school because you can be guaranteed this person will be a pro in a short time.

Andrea Parise

“If you are looking for a Detailed and thorough Loan signing Course, Notary2Pro is the course to take. I took several Notary/Loan Signing courses and did not get anything out of them.The Notary2Pro course is specifically designed to create a comfort-ability about conducting a Loan Signing. Since Carol Ray is a Loan Signer herself, she keeps her students abreast on the latest changes in our Industry. Notary2Pro’s mentoring program was totally worth the money because it is designed to provide Loan Signing students with personal guidance. You can always email or call with questions. If Notary2Pro can not answer your question, they will research it to provide you with the correct information. I never met someone so dedicated to educating people.”

Hilary Girtman

I got my commission in the state of Florida last month through a different company, and they did a pretty good job. However, I decided to take advantage of the access to your videos to review my state laws, and boy I am glad I did.

The other company did a good job as far as telling me what I needed to know. But your videos gave me what I really wanted, visual examples instead of just words on a screen. I also got some great tips about things that was never discussed, for example, never notarizing a contest judgment. That was never mention in the class, nor is it actually written in the state law, but it makes sense.

You also gave me a list of references that I didn’t get with the other class, which I appreciate very much.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking your signing agent classes. I have learned so much and love the fact that I have 24/7 access to resources and videos. I am confident in my abilities to be successful as a notary signing agent. I can’t wait to get my first signing.

I was a school bus driver for ten year and had to give it up because of a disability. My favorite part of that job was working with the different people. It’s easy to drive a bus, but that’s nothing compared to the joy I get being with my students. I miss that so much. But now, I have a new path and I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your guidance and encouragement as well as the plethora of resources you offer so I can be successful.

Thank you.

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