Notary2Pro’s Student Spotlight – Guy Case’s 14-Year Journey as a Loan Signing Agent

Meet Guy Case, a seasoned Loan Signing Agent with a wealth of experience and a passion for his work. Having graduated from Notary2Pro in 2014, he’s been in the field for nearly 14 years, and his business, “Your Mobile Notary ‘Guy,'” is a testament to his dedication and professionalism. In this interview, Guy shares his insights and experiences, offering valuable advice for both newcomers and established notaries.

Building Credibility with Notary2Pro:

Guy highlights the pivotal role that Notary2Pro played in his career. The program not only equipped him with essential skills but also gave him the credibility he needed. He emphasizes that the credibility he gained from Notary2Pro would have taken years to establish without this specialized training.

A Decade and More as a Loan Signing Agent:

As Guy enters his 14th year in the profession, it’s evident that he has found his niche. He speaks fondly of the people he’s met during signings, sharing that in over a decade, he’s only had a handful of less-than-pleasant experiences. For Guy, this career has been a blessing, allowing him to connect with wonderful signers.

Guy’s first loan signing, which went without a hitch, holds a special place in his memory. In a surprising twist, he later learned that he was the first notary the scheduler had ever worked with. It’s a testament to the importance of making a positive impression from the very beginning.

For Guy, preventing loan signings from going awry begins with setting the stage. He starts each signing by explaining his role and the process, creating a comfortable atmosphere. Injecting humor by sharing jokes adds a unique touch to his approach. It’s no surprise that signers often comment on how enjoyable the experience is. One of the joys of being a notary for Guy is dealing with pets during signings. The most unusual encounter involved donkeys peeking through the windows, making for a truly memorable signing. “Have you ever notarized for a donkey?” he quips with a chuckle.

Advice for First-Time Loan Signing Agents:

Guy offers valuable advice to newcomers, emphasizing their expertise and the importance of preparation. He encourages new notaries to show kindness and appreciation to signers, even bonding over shared interests, like pets or home decor. Building a connection can make the process smoother for everyone involved.

The Personal Side of Guy:

Outside of his notary work, Guy has a rich life. He and his wife, Ruth, celebrated 41 years of marriage. Their family consists of four-legged members, primarily Dachshunds and Dalmatians. Guy’s love for adventure led him to scuba diving and flying a plane upside down, experiences he’s keen to revisit.

In a career spanning over a decade, Guy Case has mastered the art of being a Loan Signing Agent. His journey, peppered with unique encounters and lasting connections, serves as a testament to the potential and rewards of this profession. Whether you’re just starting or looking to enhance your notary career, Guy’s insights offer a valuable perspective on what it takes to succeed.

Stay tuned for more stories from the world of notaries, and remember, a little kindness and preparation can go a long way in this field.

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