Keeping Accurate Records (October 19, 2023)

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Every month, Notary2Pro Roundtable Discussions provide engaging, highly impactful, and valuable information for professional loan signing agents. We want to enable notaries and loan signings agents to grow their businesses, expand their skill sets, and improve their life and work experience.

October’s Roundtable Discussion focused on the importance of keeping accurate records during signings. Notary2Pro staff and faculty tips on how to keep accurate records, their favorite products and methods for accurate record-keeping, and why keeping accurate records is so crucial as a Notary. Guest speaker, Sue Hope, talks about her software, NotaryAssist, and how it can help Notaries keep accurate Records (learn more with the links below)!

Watch the Roundtable replay now and discover the importance of keeping accurate records!

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NotaryAssist’s Trial is completely FREE! No credit card is needed to use our system for 30 days or 20 new appointments, whichever comes first. There is a Subscribe Now button inside of the free trial, but users do not need to click this until they wish to pay.

Sue Hope Discussing NotaryAssist Part One:

Sue Hope Discussing NotaryAssist Part Two:

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