Notary supplies on the go-what should every notary public and loan signing agent keep in their notary bag?

Why are Notary Bags Important?

It doesn’t matter if you are starting as a brand-new notary public or loan signing agent or if you have a lot of signings under your belt. It is best practice to prepare for anything that could go wrong! Notary2Pro is giving you an inside look into our most experienced loan signing agent’s bags to help you better prepare during your signings!

Although all notary publics and loan signing agents are different, we have compiled a list for you to consider! It may help you stay organized and on top of every notarization and loan signing.

Our experts carry their supplies in multiple locations for signings for several reasons. Materials you always want at your disposal should be kept in a locked clipboard. Other handy materials you may not always need should preferably be in a backpack with a lock. If you are a mobile notary, you should always keep some specific materials in your vehicle.

Locking Clipboard

The locking clipboard looks like a mini briefcase and works excellently during signings. Every notary public and loan signing agent should use a locking clipboard to hold the essential basic supplies for signings. A locking clipboard is where you should lock your stamps and notary journal if you need to step away during the signing. A locking clipboard will fit in any standard backpack. Remember, it shouldn’t be too large, but it will still be able to hold a lot of items, such as:

  1. Notary Journal
  2. Pens imprinted with my business name, phone and website-Black and Blue (a dozen fit in locking clipboard case)
  3. Paperclips
  4. Medium and Large Binder clips (About 6 medium and 2 large fit in case with back up in backpack)
  5. Extra ink for my notary stamps
  6. Date Stamp to use in my notary journal
  7. Business cards
  8. Magnetic business cards
  9. Disposable latex free gloves
  10. SortKwik Fingertip Moistener
  11. Finger ink pad
  12. Alcohol wipes (to uses before and after ink pad is used)
  13. Sanitizer wipes
  14. Liquid hand sanitizer (small bottle that can be refilled)
  15. Signature Guides for visually impaired
  16. Laminated copy of Oath on one side and Affirmation of a Credible Witness on the other
  17. Scrap paper
  18. 30 All-Purpose Acknowledgement
  19. 30 Jurat
  20. 10 pages with information if a check was included, funds will be wired, or funds need to be wired and borrower needs instructions.
  21. 20 Credible witness notarial certificates
  22. Miscellaneous important notes you may need to refer to typed and placed in a plastic sleeve. (Could Include the Pledge of Ethical Practice, documents that the non-borrower signs, and how to explain the CA Per Diem document)
  23. Highlighter to use on notary public/loan signing agent copy of notary instructions
  24. Tiny sticky notes
  25. Page saver tabs
  26. Breathe mints (small box)
  27. 50 sheets of 30# white paper in bag with 3 reems in car
  28. Magnifier sheet to lay on top of documents

Backpack or Notary Bag

Always try to purchase a rolling bag that can lock. Many experienced notary publics and loan signing agents mostly use a backpack to hold a portable printer/scanner and other items you will need. However, they still may not always use these extra supplies. Portable printer/scanner (case holds 4 ink cartridges & portable Wi-Fi device).

  1. Driver’s License Guide
  2. Secretary of States Notary Guide
  3. Small note pad
  4. Small flashlight
  5. Extra Binder clips of various sizes
  6. Extra gloves
  7. Mylar and paper FedEx and Ups Envelopes
  8. Plastic sleeves for return labels
  9. Masks


Not only are mobile notaries reliant on their vehicles for transportation to a signing, but they may also use their vehicles to conduct the signing for various reasons. There may be someone ill or elderly in the home, and the signers are trying to limit exposure. The signer may have pets or not have a clean or appropriate location to conduct the signing. It would be best if you always were prepared to complete the signing in your vehicle, on the vehicle’s hood, or even at a separate location (once you have contacted the signing agency). Not everyone will need all these items. Notary2Pro suggests only getting these items if the need arises.

  1. Printed copy of directions for when there is no cellular service.
  2. Camping lanterns for outdoor night signings
  3. Large flashlight (to shine onto address numbers at night)
  4. Extra batteries
  5. Small foldable and adjustable plastic table
  6. Large sized but thinner books to use as weights for outdoor signings, to use as smooth surface for documents, or if no table or surface is available inside or out.
  7. Light that plugs into an auxiliary power outlet that is adjustable and powerful.  This is so helpful when going over documents in the car at night. The light I have is adjustable to where I am sitting and shines the light shines down from above to illuminate the paperwork.
  8. 2 big sturdy umbrellas. This is good to keep rain off the documents and us as well as if it is an outdoor signing and happens to be very sunny.
  9. Emergency flashers and first aid kit. I have had to use both on separate occasions for signings.  To warn other vehicles we were standing at the back of the car in the dark. The first aid kit was needed for a borrower that cut themselves somehow and started bleeding.
  10. Water

What Does Notary2Pro Expert Faculty Member Stephanie Rowland Keep in Her Notary Bag?

  1. Face masks
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Disinfectant wipes
  4. Pilot G2 series gel pens (for me)
  5. Pens – blue and black ink
  6. Stylis for iPad
  7. 2 pairs reading glasses
  8. Mace
  9. Booties to go over my shoes
  10. Huge garbage bag (for putting my bag and things on when outside in dirty areas) Envelopes for
  11. sending checks back with loan documents
  12. Tape
  13. Stapler and staples
  14. Rubber bands
  15. Binder clips
  16. Paper clips
  17. Sticky tabs
  18. 2 Notary Seals – one round; one rectangular
  19. Extra ink pads for notary seal
  20. Thumbprint pad
  21. Rubber fingers
  22. iPad for Hybrids, IPEN and RON closings
  23. Phone charger
  24. Earphones
  25. Business cards
  26. Washington State Notary Primer
  27. Receipt book for GNW
  28. Extra notarial certificates
  29. Small magnifying glass
  30. Phone

Additional Items Stephanie keeps in her trunk:

  1. FedEx and UPS shipping envelopes (multiple sizes and types)
  2. Extra Notarial Certificates

What Does Notary2Pro Expert Faculty Member Andrea Douling Keep in Her Notary Bag?

  1. Stamps (Notary & TIPIC Stamp)
  2. Pens (Blue and black ink – prefer the no smear quick dry gel pens)
  3. Note pads (various sizes)
  4. Flashlight (for nighttime closings)
  5. Hand Sanitizer
  6. Business cards
  7. Signature guide (for visually impaired signers)
  8. Name badge
  9. Mace (out of sight but readily available) 
  10. Notary Journal
  11. Hardback book of some sort (to write on when there isn’t a hard surface available)
  12. Recission calendar
  13. Folder for all upcoming appointments

Small handy bag Andrea keeps with other items:

  1. spare notary stamp
  2. embosser
  3. fingerprint tab

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