Happy National Book Month!

The United States celebrates National Book Month every October. This month-long observance focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature while highlighting great books and authors. Scroll down to read some of Notary2Pro staff and faculty's favorite books.

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Notary2Pro Founder, Carol Ray’s Favorite Reads

Notary2Pro founder Carol Ray was an avid reader and writer. Her favorite book was her self-authored best-selling book, Your Home on Wheels. Carol also very much enjoyed the articles she would write for the NNA and local newspapers. Her husband and co-founder of Notary2Pro, Bill Ray, recalls her enjoying authors John Grisham and James Patterson but states, “Her favorite book was always the one she was reading.” 

You can read more about Carol Ray’s best-selling book here: https://notary2pro.com/carols-book/?fbclid=IwAR2aj5ff4ilhtUjFOL4NMtzinGCwj_QQzFg4IPc7lvkOpJEnCnl2nLZzNaQ

Notary2Pro Co-Founder, Bill Ray’s Favorite Genres

Co-Founder and C.F.O. of Notary2Pro, Bill Ray, recalls always carrying a book or two around with him everywhere he went since he was ten years old. When you’ve read thousands of books, choosing your favorite tends to be a little challenging. Bill states, “I do not really have a favorite author. I enjoy reading historical fiction, science fiction, crime, war books, adventure fiction, mystery, and much more.”

Notary2Pro C.E.O., Michael Ray’s Favorite Books

Notary2Pro’s C.E.O. Michael Ray shares two influential books that have shaped him in his adult life, A Solider in the Great War by Mark Helprin and Endurance by Alfred Lansing.

In Michael’s own words, his favorite fiction book is A Solider in the Great War by Mark Helprin “set the standard for all books for me forever.” He continues, “No doubt, it is the greatest love story, war novel, adventure, and essay on art, beauty, and love, all rolled up into one majestic, enrapturing, impossibly memorable book.”

Of all the non-fiction books Michael has read over the years, Endurance jumps out in his mind because of its remarkable story of resilience and leadership. Michael summarizes the book as the story of Ernest Shackleton’s voyage to the Antarctic. Shackleton’s leadership held the expedition together and saved the lives of everyone under perilous and challenging circumstances. Michael believes, “Everyone should read this and take away what they can about the essence of leadership and an approach to adversity that creates resilience and endurance.” 

Notary2Pro Director of Operations, Lori Glockner’s latest reads:

Although Lori typically loves books about the brain, self-help, and how-to, she has enjoyed reading fiction novels lately. She recently appreciated two books: Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate and Mercy by David Baldacci.

Lori describes Before We Were Yours as an engrossing and poignant novel with an incredible tale. She recalls the vivid imagery and excellent character depth that the author delivers. She states, “It feels like you know the characters personally, and you feel that you are going through their experiences with them.”

Lori also enjoyed the #1 New York Times best-selling author David Baldacci’s book, Mercy. She states, “Baldacci creates a world that plays well in the mind’s eye in this novel. He created a gripping mystery that keeps a good pace throughout.”

Notary2Pro Co-Founder & Director of Marketing, Barbara Ray’s Favorite Books

Notary2Pro Director of Marketing Barbara Ray loves to relax and unwind with an excellent book. Barbara’s favorite book is the Bible. She even owns 18 different versions. Besides scripture, a book Barbara feels helped shape her was Watership Down by Richard Adams. She describes it as a fantastic novel about perseverance, finding a family, and survival.

Barbara states her favorite authors are “Mark Twain and Agatha Christie, but most importantly, my mom. Not only do I love her book, “Your Home on Wheels,” but also her poetry. She wrote it at a very special time in our lives.”

You can read some of Carol Ray’s heartwarming poetry here: https://notary2pro.com/inspirations/

Barbara’s favorite book character is Winnie the Pooh, stemming from childhood. She recalls her older brother, Michael, reading it to her when she was young and home sick. The character is so beloved that she always gifts some form of the classic story to any new babies in her family.

Notary2Pro Senior Marketing Analyst, Sabrina Engelstad’s Favorite Books

Notary2Pro’s Senior Marketing Analyst, Sabrina Engelstad, enjoys poetry, many religious texts, books, and literature about spirituality.

Some of Sabrina’s favorite poets are the classics, but she enjoys newer poetry from Rupi Kaur the most. Her simplistic writing style and unique delivery of her experiences of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity are captivating.

Sabrina’s favorite childhood novels are Tuck Everlasting, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and Pocahontas. She feels that the stories resonated in her heart and helped shape her growing up. She rereads these stories every year and enjoys their film adaptations regularly.

Notary2Pro Expert Faculty Member, Andrea Douling’s Favorite Book

Notary2Pro expert faculty member Andrea Douling is a successful notary, loan signing agent, YouTube creator, and more. She playfully shares, “Reading…who has time? Three kids and several jobs…I wish. But there is one book I have read several times and often think about when making financial decisions.”

The book Andrea comes back to time and time again is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Andrea states, “Who hasn’t read this book? I found this book very eye-opening for me. When I originally read it in my early 20s, I learned so much about the world that was all too new for me. I had no concept of adulthood, let alone the difference between an asset and a liability. The financial advice given throughout this book helped me understand so much. Although I have read it several times, I hone in on something that holds new meaning for me each time. This book is a great read and easy to understand. “

Two additional books that are currently on Andrea’s “To Read List” are, The Interview of Self: How Looking Inside Can Help You Find Happiness and Success by Brent M. Jones and Becoming Mom Strong: How to Fight with All That’s in You for Your Family and Your Faith by Heidi St. John.

Notary2Pro Expert Faculty Member, Stephanie Rowland’s Favorite Books:

Notary2Pro expert faculty member Stephanie Rowland prides herself in her strong faith and spends much of her extra time in the word. She enjoys several spiritual and scripture-based books by Joyce Meyer, such as The Everyday Life Bible and The Battlefield of the Mind. She also enjoys Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

Joyce Meyer’s The Battlefield of the Mind taught Stephanie, “Our battles always begin in our minds, and we need to think before speaking. We need to focus on the positive. What we feed our minds is what comes out of us.” Stephanie believes the book changed her life: “God’s Word speaks life to every part of my being. His word feeds my mind, my soul, and my body. It teaches me to give all my battles to the Lord. He directs my path and shows me the path to follow.”

Stephanie’s third favorite book, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, is a 365-day devotional. She states Jesus Calling is mighty and powerful because the author wrote it “as if Jesus were talking to me and me only. I have read this devotional every day for many years, and it still speaks to me. It has been so healing and has drawn me closer to Jesus.” 

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