Four Tips For Marketing Your Notary and Loan Signing Services

Running a successful notary or loan signing business is not about making a fast buck or getting rich quickly. The most successful notaries and loan signing agents understand the importance of marketing, consistency, resilience, and thinking outside the box.

Here are four expert tips for marketing your notary and loan signing services:

  • Keep marketing materials on you at all times

Giving away marketing materials at social events or directly to clients and potential clients will lead to more business. Some notaries and loan signing agents provide business cards, pens,  magnetic business cards, magnetic calendars, letter openers, etc., with their name, business, contact info, availability, and services offered to get their name out there. It all depends on how much you want to spend on marketing materials. 

The cheapest and best marketing material is word of mouth. Seasoned notaries and loan signing agents will all have fascinating stories about being contacted to do notarize a document or conduct a signing for someone they did not market to directly or for someone they mentioned their notary and loan signing services to in passing. Always remember to say that you are a notary or loan signing agent whenever you meet someone new. Most people will need a notary or know someone who will need a notary, and they will remember you.

  • Take advantage of social media and online platforms

Nowadays, social media puts marketing at your fingertips and gives you the ability to advertise your notary and loan signing agent services to hundreds and thousands of potential clients online. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great for promoting your business and reaching potential clients in your geographical area. 

Online platforms are also an excellent way to be found by potential clients. Google reviews, Yelp, and other platforms are great ways for customers to review your services and see feedback from your previous customers. Online reviews are significant to customers; thus, it is important to receive good reviews. The more high-rated reviews you receive, the more likely you are to be at the top of an online search. Many notaries and loan signing agents have found great success by marketing their google review site on their business cards. 

  • Prioritize customer satisfaction 

Commitment to delivering quality service to satisfied customers improves the business brand and inspires customer loyalty. Happy customers leave positive reviews, recommend your services through word of mouth, share your notary or loan signing business on other platforms, and come back for services time and time again. 

Remember to follow up and thank your clients for their business after every signing. A quick note, letter, or message will do the trick. Always recognize the positive impact a holiday or birthday card can have on a client. Giving your customers opportunities to provide feedback about your services and business is also essential. Ask them how you can improve through an anonymous survey for honest responses.

  • Build your brand

Building your brand for your notary and loan signing services is essential for marketing your business. Having a unique brand increases the chances of clients remembering you and your business. Try to think of a name, logo, or motto that is memorable and makes sense to you. It could be a play on words, a phrase, or something to do with the town, city, or state where you perform your services. The name or logo could also be something with animals, flowers, or qualities of a person. Just remember to make it unique to you! 

Expert loan signing agent, Andrea Douling recommends marketing your brand materials at relevant events, locations and businesses. Stay up to date with community events, real estate conferences, new businesses, and other opportunities with high traffic to market your business and services. 

The Importance of Marketing Your Notary and Loan Signing Agent Business

Marketing your notary and loan signing services is essential to the health and longevity of your business. Marketing your business ensures customers are aware of your services while engaging them and sharing your expertise. 

Notary2Pro recommends all notaries and loan signing agents develop a marketing plan for their businesses. Mapping your business’s marketing efforts helps create and maintain relevance and demand for services, company reputation, competition, and much more. Remember to always keep marketing materials with you, take advantage of social media and online platforms, prioritize client satisfaction through effective customer service, and build your business’s brand. These four steps lay out a strong foundation for an effective marketing plan.

To Learn More About Marketing Your Notary and Loan Signing Services

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