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Professional Loan Signing Agent Training in the Industry.

Notary2Pro prepares Notaries to be confident and error free.

Notary2Pro graduates are the First Choice for signing services nationwide.

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Learn what Signing Agencies and our Graduates say about Notary2Pro.

Testi 62

The best Notary Signing Agent training you will find anywhere!

Marybeth Bunkowski

Testi 61

Professional, knowledgeable, supportive, integrity. She knows her stuff and will ensure you do, too.

Ohio Notarial, LLC.

Testi 60

Notary2 Pro provides excellent training for new and existing Notary Signing Agent. Carol and her staff also provides excellent customer services even after the training has been completed.

AVISO Insurance & Business Center

Testi 59

This business taught me everything I know and they don't give up on you after you have completed their training. They make sure you are a pro! They are awesome A+++++++++ Rating.

CEO At Notary Enterprise Certified 2 Go

Testi 58

Best notary training out there!!!

Cieslak Mobile Notary Services

Testi 57

Highly Recommended

Gary Wilusz Mobile Notary

Testi 56

Excellent training.

United Payment Corp

Testi 55

Carol Ray's notary signing agent training is EXCELLENT. …I feel like I learned a wealth of information from her, and felt confident after completing the course.

Hedrick Financial and Notary

Testi 54

Once you have taken the course you will feel more than confident to handle closings.

Pipkins Notary

Testi 53

Carol's training helped bring together confidence and competence for me to be successful as a Notary.

Anytime Anyplace Notary

Testi 52

This training provides the knowledge, competence, ability, how and who you need to succeed as a Certified Signing Agent.

Carlos Orozco Real Estate & Notary services

Testi 51

She has one of the best classes I have ever taken. She is always there for you if you have any questions.

Wendy's Signature Service

Testi 50

The training I received from Notary2pro was the best.

Preciado Notary Services

Test 49

Excellent training and support

Notary by Delilah

Testi 48

They are the best

DBC Notary

Testi 46

Carol and her team are amazing! I would have been lost without them.


Testi 45

Excellent professional beginning to a wonderful career. Always available by phone or email with questions.

The Paperwork and Errand Lady

Testi 43

Be aware, Carol is an excellent teacher/trainer when you are finished with any of her classes, you can confidently step into the task set before you. She is the best!

Real Estate Etc

Tetsi 42

The Notary Signing Agent Training program from Carol's school is the Top

Great Expectations Today, LLC.

Testi 41

Carol has worked tirelessly to advance notary signing agents in their training and certification. I would recommend her wholeheartedly without reservations.

KD Multiservices LLC

Testi 40

Carol offers the most complete training for Notary Signing Agents.

Go2Notary, LLC

Testi 39

The course was excellent, informative, and well presented. She even walks you through full sets of documents.

Margaret Paddock - Owner Ciati Notary Journal

Testi 38

The best out there!”… I highly recommend her courses even if you have taken other ones, as she really goes into the details you need to know to be a success.

Always There Mobile Notary

Testi 37

The course includes everything you need to know about the business.

Lillian D. Buggelli

Testi 36

Carol Ray's Notary2Pro signing agent training is the only course that I feel totally confident recommending to anyone who is interested in entering this field. It is top notch, and far surpasses any other training available.

Modest Notary LLC

Testi 35

I highly recommend Carol Ray's Notary Signing Agent training course.

My San Antonio Mobile Notary

Testi 34

I learned so much. Rather you are a new or experienced signing agent I would definitely recommend Carol's training.

Anthony Fagen

Testi 33

Great training and support while and after you are done!

American Commodity Real Estate LLC

Testi 32

Awesome training and mentorship!

A Texas Notary

Testi 31

Notary2Pro has the most comprehensive loan signing training course out on the market today. Carol Ray is there to support you in your questions and teach you beyond the basics.

Commonwealth Mobile Notary

Testimonial 30

Your videos gave me what I really wanted, visual examples instead of just words on a screen. I also got some great tips about things that was never discussed, for example, never notarizing a contest judgment… I can't wait to get my first signing.

Hilary Girtman

Testimonial 29

If you are looking for a Detailed and thorough Loan signing Course, Notary2Pro is the course to take.

Andrea Parise

Testimonial 28

I would highly recommend hiring a student from this school because you can be guaranteed this person will be a pro in a short time.

Speedy Closing & Title Services, Inc.

Testimonial 27

Notary2Pro offers you the information and support necessary to operate professionally and maximize profits.

Ira Horn

Testimonial 26

We have had a very positive experience with every one of the notaries we have received from your company, and we really appreciate you sending us more excellent notaries to add to our database.

Universal Document

Testimonial 25

It is exactly what any loan signer would need to take to get started and to become successful.

Retta Wilson-Greer

Testimonial 24

This course was very enlightening!

Kathleen Otting

Testimonial 23

Out of all the courses out there, Notary2Pro is honestly the best and only one of its kind. I recommend Notary2Pro for every aspiring Notary Public and Loan Signing Specialist.

John L Savage Jr.

Testimonial 22

The course, the audio, the extra tips, detail and examples were so helpful. I felt I was ready when the call came to do a signing.

Tracey Parish

Testimonial 21

To anyone who is apprehensive about signing up for the Notary2Pro Course, don’t be! …I have so much more confidence now. You don’t just get the Online Course, you get a real mentor who has been in the business for a long time.

Shirley Ann Koch

Testimonial 20

I would absolutely recommend Notary 2 Pro training. The sample docs are priceless! I also receive support whenever I need it.

Tara Perry

Testimonial 19

I highly recommend Carol Ray and Notary2Pro.

Sheri Falzone

Testimonial 18

The course was excellent, informative, and well presented. She even walks you through full sets of documents. She does an exceptional job of preparing you for a career as a signing agent.

Virginia Ratterree

Testimonial 17

I found both of these courses to be well put together, and the training materials were exceptional.

Phyllis E. Traylor

Testimonial 16

Notary2Pro was the best online training I have ever had

Karen Howard

Testimonial 15

The course is amazing! Very informative, the sections are not too long, and the teaching is very clear and easy to follow.

Sharon L. Huffin

Testimonial 14

Do not hesitate, do not walk, *run* to sign up for this course. If you want a solid grounding in the document signing process and hands-on experience, Notary2Pro is, bar none, the way to go.

Sonja L. Anderson

Testimonial 13

The course was excellent!

Kim David Hutfilz

Testimonial 12

this course helped build my confidence in completing my 1st assignment. … I can't thank you enough for being there for me on my new venture! You are the best!

Rose Sammons

Testimonial 11

If you want to be the best - learn from the best and that's Notary2Pro!

Paula Fleming

Testimonial 10

Mrs Ray's approach to teaching put you the student in the driver’s seat and allow you to capture the work flow of a signing agent.

Sam R. Bullock

Testimonial 9

I just cannot say enough good things about the quality of training … I now feel 100% competent and confident that I am offering my best service to the companies that contract me, and to my public here in southern Ohio.

Jay Schankman

Testimonial 8

I wanted to take this time to thank Carol for being a sweetheart. THANK YOU!

Richard Atkinson

Testimonial 7

I found these presentation videos to be quite helpful and informative…. I now feel that I will be able to do my job much more effectively and have the customer (borrower) be much more satisfied with my service provided.

Sean Desmond

Testimonial 6

Carol's training was INSTRUMENTAL in preparing me for successful and professional completion of the loan signing and general notary work as well. I strongly recommend Carol's training as it is comprehensive and increases confidence, skills, and abilities to a professional level.

Christine Oldham

Testimonial 5

she has the best training course and I also recommend her

Natascha Ray

Testimonial 4

This course is especially great for new Notaries who need training. The owner Carol is very compassionate for the business and wants to help any way she can.

Joyce D. Hall

Testimonial 3

Notary2Pro has added to the skills I already had from the field of education and has brought me new and much needed insights. … Carol will be there for you. She was there for me and I am grateful !!!

Ron Perelka

Testimonial 2

Even if you have taken signing agent training courses, Notary2Pro has much more to offer. She will move you to a much more advanced level - one you did not know existed.

Ellen J Shepherd

Testimonial 1

fun class to listen to, and I learned a lot about something I knew absolutely nothing about. It is good knowledge

Russ Kihm

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When You Should Say "No" during a Signing.

September 19th, 2023

6:00 PM CST

Our Graduates

Here’s what just some of our more than 10,000 graduates have to say Notary2Pro. 

Signing Employers

More than 100 Signing Agencies and Employers prefer Notary2Pro graduates, here’s what they are saying.

Why is Notary2Pro the nation’s Best Choice for Professional Loan Signing Agent instruction?

We have a lifetime 99.99% Customer Satisfaction Rate and an Industry-wide reputation for training graduates to achieve error free signings.

Why is preventing errors so critical?

Your reputation as a Professional Loan Signing Agent is built on avoiding errors and rework. A reputation for error-free signings is worth more than any amount of marketing or hype. Employers love Notary2Pro Graduates because they know that our graduates come with the skills to avoid troublesome errors and costly rework.

The Elite Course

- Study at your own pace.
- More than 12 hours of helpful video instruction.
- Comprehensive and manageable lessons that are easy to follow along.
- Real-world expertise and scenarios.
- 3 months to complete and access the course, course library, and testing materials.
- Upon graduation, loan signing agents gain unlimited access to the graduate website with a library of information, webinars, updates, and valuable materials and resources for new loan signing agents.

Only Notary2Pro includes Mentoring

- From your first signing and all the way through your successful business.
- 1 on 1 call with a mentor to prepare you for the signing.
- Pre-Signing resources to get you prepared for the signing.
- In-signing support in emergency.
- No additional Fees - Mentoring is included in the cost of the course for three months.
- Dedicated mentoring phone support.


Unique Graduate Certification

- Notary2Pro certification is provided at no additional charge.
- Notary2Pro certification is recognized nationally and never expires.
- Many signing companies hire our grads and only our graduates, others prioritize work for Notary2Pro graduates.
- Certification tells employers you have the tools to be Professional and Error Free.


- Access to updated training, webinars, groups and hundreds of resources, information,and tools to operate and grow your business.
- Exclusive list of 4 & 5 Star preferred Hiring Agencies open only to our Graduates.
- Hundreds of examples of real critical documents with explanations.

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Videos and Webinars

When You Should Say “No” during a Signing. (September 19th, 2023​)

The Notary2Pro team will discuss the many things Notaries should Not Do, during a signing and elsewhere. Join us for a fun discussion on a serious topic.

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Videos and Webinars

Low Cost, High Impact! Ways to Market Your Loan Signing Business Part 2

March’s Roundtable Discussion will focus on low-cost, high-impact ways to market your loan signing business. This month, Notary2Pro staff and expert faculty members explore the marketing benefits…

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Videos and Webinars

Low Cost, High Impact! Ways to Market Your Loan Signing Business (February 14, 2023)

February’s Roundtable Discussion focused on low cost, high impact ways to market your loan signing business. Notary2Pro staff and faculty share cost effective marketing techniques…

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Videos and Webinars

Verifying Competency of a Signer (Jan 17, 2023)

January’s Roundtable Discussion focused on the important topic of verifying competency. Verifying the competency of a signer is an essential role of notary publics and loan signing agents. Notary2Pro staff and expert faculty members discuss how verifying competency…

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Videos and Webinars

What Every Notary & Loan Signing Agent Should Bring to a Signing (December 6,2022)

December’s Roundtable Discussion informs notary publics and loan signing agents on what they should bring in their notary bags to every signing. Notary2Pro staff and faculty share the items in their notary bags and explain why they carry specific items.

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Videos and Webinars

Identifying Signers & Encountering False Identification (November 8,2022)

November’s Roundtable Discussion focused on correctly identifying signers and encountering false identification. Notary2Pro staff and faculty highlighted the steps notary publics and loan signing agents must take to correctly identify any signer and what to do if they encounter false identification.

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Who We Are

Notary2Pro is the most respected Professional Loan Signing Agent Course in the United States. Founded by Carol Ray in 2008, Notary2Pro has trained more than 10,000 Notaries to become Professional Loan Signing Agents. Notary2Pro Graduates are preferred by more Signing Agencies than any other course because only Notary2Pro enables Notaries to practice error-free signings.

About Carol Ray and Notary2Pro

Carol Ray — Founder

After retiring from a successful career as an Escrow Officer and Escrow Office Manager in California, Carol Ray and her husband Bill developed a Notary and Signing Agent business. As the success of their business grew, Carol realized that this was a career that could help many people make a good living and achieve their dreams.  Carol recognized that being a Signing Agent could be a great post-retirement job, a part time gig to supplement income, or as a full-time career. When talking about this idea to others, Carol was moved by the hardships many people were facing from layoffs, forced retirements and low-income jobs. Carol tried hard to coach people on how to take advantage of becoming a Signing Agent as a career.  Carol quickly realized that there was no good training to teach people exactly how to BE a professional Signing Agent and also how to make their businesses thrive.

In 2009, working from her living room and home office, Carol worked with her husband and daughter Barbara, and created the first Notary2Pro course.  When the course was first launched online Carol had no idea that over the years Notary2Pro would help almost ten-thousand people make a good living, create thriving businesses and bring prosperity to their lives and families. In the process Carol became one of the most respected voices in the industry, helping shape the trajectory of the signing industry. 

Today, Notary2Pro and the courses offered have evolved tremendously since those early days recording video at her kitchen table.  Notary2Pro has evolved, improved and become the most successful and respected Signing Agent Course in the United States, but the Mission that Carol Ray set out to achieve has not changed.  It has just become a reality!

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the bar in the industry by providing Notaries with the tools, training and certification to be Professional Loan Signing Agents. Upon graduation our Graduates will be recognized as having the knowledge, skills and confidence to complete error-free signings.

Our Values

We want to help people succeed. A big part of their success is knowing that they have a caring support system around them, we will provide this as long as needed.

To hear Carol Ray in her own words, see the video below.