Can I make money doing this?

Unfortunately, in the years following the founding Notary2Pro in 2009, many others have entered the training area, some of them unscrupulously promise huge financial rewards from becoming a notary. Before giving hundreds or thousands of dollars to companies offering fabulous rewards, let’s look at the truth.  Can you make money as a Notary or Professional Signing Agent?

How much money can Notaries or Signing Agents make?

The wonderful thing about being a Professional Signing Agent is that it offers people the opportunity to be rewarded well for the effort they put in, and a great deal of flexibility. We have Notary2Pro students who make more than $250,000 a year. Others, make a comfortable living to supplement their retirement by working part-time. And, still others find this is a wonderful, well paying “side hustle” as they work at other careers or raise children. Being a Notary can be any of those things. One lesson we have learned is that like most endeavors, you get what you put into it. Our notaries making more than $250,000 are working very hard and have worked very hard to become established and develop their reputations as excellent, error free signing agents. Those who choose to work at this part-time find that effort and time is still required to learn how to do the work well and to establish their reputations and relationships.

Are there “Short-cuts” to making money.

Beware of scammers who are happy to take your hard-earned money to create a path to riches as a Notary. It saddens us that so many of our students have come to us AFTER paying hundred and thousands of dollars to other courses, promising instant wealth and success. The best shortcuts to making money in this business are to LEARN how to do signings well, how to properly interact with Signing Services and signers, how to be confident in your ability to do the job, and to learn the skills to be error free. Notary2Pro has been built on the foundation of teaching people how to be successful professional signing agents.

How much Investment is required?

There are a number of investments to make in order to make money as a Notary.  We explain in more detail how to approach each of these areas on the course.  You will need to have at least the following
  • Commissioning
  • Bond
  • Background Check
  • Some basic office equipment a printer and basic supplies
  • Some programs/Apps to help you run your business
  • A cell phone
  • Transportation – Gas, insurance
  • Basic Marketing Tools (business cards, etc.)
By far the biggest and most important investment is the work you need to put in and the time it takes to learn how to do the job properly and be successful.

How is Notary2Pro different?

For Carol Ray, Founder Notary2Pro the purpose of the course was not about the money, it has always been about empowering people to be professionally successful and self-fulfilled. The freedom to be your own boss, not depend on an employer and the ability to control your own results makes the Notary business a wonderful avenue for so many people. The Notary2Pro course was developed to give people the tools, skills, confidence and support to make success a reality.

Carol Ray discussing how much money you can make and what is required to be successful

What does Notary2Pro do for me ?

Notary2Pro will give you the skills you need to conduct successful signings. We will teach you what you need to run your business, including how to market yourself, and we will get you started with a great list of clients. Most importantly your Notary2Pro certification will give signing services the confidence that you know what you are doing and can do it Error Free.

How can I trust what Notary2Pro says?

Don’t trust us! Please just listen to what our students say about us, and what signing agencies and employers say about our graduates. In the 12 years since Notary2Pro was founded, we have maintained an amazing 99.9% customer happiness rating. The results speak for themselves.

Testimonial Videos

Tamara Steets, Executive Notary Services

Achamma Andrews, Graduate

Candida Kutz, Graduate

For more detail on all of these, sign up for the Notary2Pro course here.

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