Notary2Pro Unveils the All-New Elite Loan Signing Agent Course: Continuing a Tradition of Excellence with Cutting-Edge Updates 

Peoria, Arizona, July 8, 2024 – Notary2Pro, the leader in notary loan signing agent education, proudly announces the launch of its all-new Elite Loan Signing Agent Course. Building on a fifteen-year legacy of transforming lives and revolutionizing the notary loan signing industry, this completely revised and updated course offers the latest in business practices, regulations, and cutting-edge learning methodologies. 

The Notary2Pro Elite Loan Signing Agent Course, renowned for its comprehensive and impactful curriculum, now features engaging video content, interactive online exercises, real document examples, supplemental readings, and a detailed development workbook. Designed to equip aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge to perform error-free signings and build a successful notary business, this course remains true to the high standards set by its creator, notary pioneer Carol Ray. 

“Over the past two years, we have dedicated nearly 8,000 hours to refreshing and revising this course,” said Michael Ray, CEO and son of Carol Ray. “Our goal was to incorporate the latest advancements in learning and development science, ensuring that our students not only learn effectively but also leave with a concrete business plan and the coveted Notary2Pro Elite Signing Agent status. It was critical to us that we also retain that same confidence-building and empowering tone developed by Carol Ray that made her and the course so beloved by her students.” 

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Students will benefit from a new learning experience that combines insightful industry background, the insights originally developed by Carol Ray, and the practical tools needed to achieve success. The course covers comprehensive skills and knowledge needed to confidently obtain work, perform flawless signings, and establish a solid professional reputation. 

Despite numerous imitators, Notary2Pro remains the leader and gold standard in notary education. In keeping with our commitment to empowering Notaries with flexible, easily accessible, high-quality education, we are offering the new Elite Loan Signing Agent Course at the same low price it has maintained for the past five years. 

“Notary2Pro has always been about more than just training; it’s about changing lives and empowering people, giving them the knowledge and confidence to achieve their dreams,” added Lori Glockner, Director of Operations and daughter of the founder. “We are excited to continue our mom’s mission with our newly updated course, and we look forward to helping our students succeed.” 

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About Notary2Pro: 

Notary2Pro is the most respected Professional Loan Signing Agent Course in the United States. Founded by Carol Ray in 2008, Notary2Pro has trained more than 14,000 Notaries to become Professional Loan Signing Agents. Notary2Pro Graduates are preferred by more Signing Agencies than any other course because only Notary2Pro enables Notaries to practice error-free signings. 

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