Sabrina Engelstad, Senior Marketing Analyst

info, button, icon-875871.jpg     Notary2Pro is thrilled to announce the promotion of Sabrina Engelstad to Senior Director of Marketing within our company. Read more…

Sabrina Engelstad is Notary2Pro’s Senior Director of Marketing and niece to C.E.O. Michael Ray. Sabrina grew up with the Ray family and developed a relationship with Carol, Bill, Barbara, and Lori through many holiday and birthday celebrations and playdates with Lori’s daughters.

When Michael took the position of C.E.O. with Notary2Pro, Sabrina was delighted to help Notary2Pro reach a wider audience and cultivate stronger relationships with their graduates through social media. Most importantly, she was excited to support Carol’s company and bring her vision of the Professional Signing Industry to fruition. Sabrina stated, “Carol was such a humble woman, so when I first researched Notary2Pro, I had no idea that the ‘small’ company Carol so respectfully spoke of actually offered the most successful and comprehensive Professional Signing Agent Training in the industry. I was honored when I was asked to be part of Notary2Pro.”

Sabrina has an undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts from Los Medanos College and a Sociology and Education undergraduate degree from the University of California, Irvine. She studied and received her Master’s Degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration from Concordia University, Irvine. Sabrina is a former Division I Athlete and Division II Women’s Basketball Coach. She worked as a Lead Preschool teacher and youth basketball coach for several years before working with Notary2Pro and freelancing as a social media marketing analyst and coordinator. Outside of her athletic and education professions, Sabrina enjoys content creating and writing, has a background in social media marketing, and has a passion for teaching and helping others.