The Notary2Pro Elite Loan Signing Agent Course

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This is a refresh and update of the industry standard Notary2Pro legacy course. We teach error-free signings, and include mentoring!

5 Sections & Goals of the Course

Section 1: All about being a Loan Signing Agent
  • Identify the roles of the individuals involved in a typical closing, summarize the background history of a Notary, and define the responsibilities of the Notary profession.
Section 2: The Documents and Processes involved in Loan Signing
  • Identify documents involved in typical packages, describe concepts associated with document processes, and organize the key processes of escrow.
Section 3: Starting and Managing your Loan Signing Agent Business
  • Determine your needs, organize your plan, and apply the lessons here to develop your success.
Section 4: Details on Your First Signing
  • Prepare, perform, and plan each step of the signing process.
Section 5: Detailed Next Steps
  • Understand how to position your unique selling point in the market, determine what specialties align with your strengths.

How we train

  • You have three months from date of enrollment to complete the course
  • In-depth examples of critical loan documents and key loan signing processes
    • 30+ examples
  • Measure your progress with comprehension quizzes after critical lessons
  • Organizational tools to help you advocate for your professional Loan Signing Agent Path
  • Notary2Pro is unique in that it provides it’s Graduates a copy and explanation of all the important documents you will need as a Loan Signing Agent.
  • We do not charge for re-taking the final exam.

Click here for a demonstration of the kinds of media and videos we use to train!

Purchase of this course includes

  • Three months of personalized live mentoring with our experts for signings after graduating
  • Lifetime Certification, no renewal fees or additional requirements
    • Only Notary2Pro certification provides placement on Notary Navigator, a notary search engine for signing services, title companies, and escrow firms.
  • Lifetime placement on the Notary2Pro Elite List
  • Notary2Pro’s unique Career Support Booklet guides you through all of the exercises in the course, and helps you build a road map for your successful loan signing agent career.
  • Forever access to the Notary2Pro Graduate Website
    • Our graduate Website includes:
      • Many document examples and training material
      • The Notary2Pro Employer List with hundreds of Notary Employers
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