Lori Glockner, Director of Operations and Accounting

Lori Glockner is our founder Carol Ray’s youngest daughter. Lori likes to say, “They saved the best kid for last,” usually accompanied with a chuckle. She lovingly describes her parents as hard-working people with very high standards, and she takes immense pride in working for the company they founded with her older sister Barbara.

Lori received her Notarial training directly from Carol in the early stages of developing Notary2Pro. Lori has now been commissioned in three states, has close to two decades of experience as a Notary Public, and has held the position of Notary2Pro’s Director of Operations and Accounting for several years.

Lori’s involvement in the company was inspired beyond family relations. She admired Carol’s persistent and patient ability to instill confidence in graduates through expert and supportive mentorship. Lori recalled, “She made people believe they could do anything. She saw that personal mentoring and teaching from the heart helped people build the confidence to do things they didn’t think they could do. She wanted her students to believe in themselves.” Lori believes in and resonates with her mother’s vision and passion for helping others. She hopes that her efforts in the company will help continue Carol’s legacy in the Professional Signing Industry. Lori recalled her mother Carol as compassionate and caring and was eternally grateful for their time together. She attributes her own character to her parent’s strong values, their work ethic, and their belief in always being your best.