Background checks consist of the following:

  • SSN Trace

  • 10-year County Criminal

  • 10-year Federal Criminal

  • Driving Record

  • National Sex Offender

  • National Criminal

  • Patriot Act

This background check is lower in cost. We want you to know that, due to certain controls from the NNA, this background check may not be accepted by some companies. Cost is: $40+ (some states higher).

The NNA is offering their Background check, exam, and Certification for $79.

Click HERE to make the purchase online. Before purchasing, change the drop-down to select the state you are commissioned in.

You can also call them. When you call them, you need to express to them that you just want the $79 package. You can call them at 1-800-876-6827.

* NNA Background Information, Point score
*If you feel you won\’t meet these requirements look at Crimcheck as an alternative for your background screening.

Next steps:

Here’s how Notary2Pro graduates can list their certification in right now:

  1. Go to and select login (upper right)
  2. Sign in and the My NNA page will appear
  3. Select My Signing Agent Profile (at left)
  4. Scroll down to Additional Information (near bottom of page) and select edit
  5. Enter Notary2Pro certification information and click save

Just a note for clarification: lists only profiles of those who have completed an NNA background screening.