Carol Ray's book: Your Home on Wheels

Did you know that our Founder, Carol Ray, was a best-selling author?

Always a woman of spontaneity and fearlessness, Carol and her husband Bill retired in their early fifties, bought an RV, and hit the road to travel the United States. Carol was a teacher by nature, always sharing her knowledge and experiences with those willing to listen. She generously transformed her and Bill’s memories and lessons learned while traveling in their RV into a self-published book on Amazon, “Your Home on Wheels.”

Carol’s book would become a best seller for many years. She even recounted how she’d spoken with a “nice young man” named Jeff Bezos about her book over the phone. The book remains a beautiful representation of her, hilariously funny, quirky, self-deprecating, encouraging, and generous with plenty of advice and tidbits.

The chapters are loaded with loads of photos, helpful information, tips, and stories to help potential RV owners ease into the lifestyle of traveling and living in a Recreational Vehicle. She offers valuable insights on what it takes to become an RVer, choosing an RV, how to equip an RV, and what to pack in an RV (from towels to cookware). She discusses dealing with finances, communication systems, internet services, and most importantly, how to turn “Your Home on Wheels” into “Home Sweet Home” on the road.


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