Bill Ray, C.F.O.

Bill Ray is our beloved founder, Carol Ray’s husband, partner, and best friend of over 60 years.

After Carol retired from a successful career as an Escrow Officer and Escrow Office Manager in California, she began her Notary and Professional Loan Signing journey in 2006. Bill accompanied Carol on nearly all of her signings, and before long, the inseparable couple learned the ins and outs of being a successful Professional Loan Signing Agent.

As Carol gained more confidence and expertise, she knew she could teach others to become successful Notaries and Professional Loan Signing Agents as well. Bill continually encouraged Carol to start her own business and train others when the couple took notice of the lack of available and comprehensive training to become a Professional Loan Signing Agent. He recalls telling her, “If you can train me, then you can train anyone!” With Bill’s love and support, and the help of their daughter Barbara, they created the first Notary2Pro course in 2009 in their home living room.

Since Notary2Pro’s founding, Bill has handled a variety of responsibilities within the company. Bill is the current Chief Financial Officer to Notary2Pro, an expert staff member with over 1700 signings, and a trusted mentor to students and graduates. As a United States Army and Coast Guard Auxiliary veteran, Bill enjoys verifying veteran statuses for our Notary2Pro military discount and connecting personality with our veteran graduates as well. Although Bill has many duties within the company, he lovingly shares that his most important role is taking care of his daughters and keeping his wife’s values and mission alive.

Carol’s vision for the Notary and Professional Loan Signing industry, which would ultimately become NotaryPro’s mission, was inspired by her career as an Escrow Officer and her journey as a Professional Loan Signing Agent. Bill recalls Carol’s frustrations with constantly correcting notarial mistakes as an Escrow Officer. As Carol began her training courses, she knew that the most critical component of her vision for the program would be teaching Notaries how to deliver consistent error-free signings. Over a decade later, Carol’s vision has not been altered and is the reason Notary2Pro has become the most successful and respected Loan Signing Agent Course in the United States. Signing companies prioritize Notary2Pro graduates because they consistently have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to complete error-free signings.

Bill remembers Carol as his better half, his everything, and will
never forget the wonderful life they shared together. They have 3 lovely
children who are all involved with Notary2Pro, and two lovely
granddaughters. Their eldest child and only son Michael, is Notary2Pro’s
Chief Executive Officer, while their middle child and eldest daughter,
Barbara, is one of Notary2Pro’s founders and current Creative Director.
Their youngest daughter Lori is Notary2Pro’s current Director of
Operations and Accounting.

Founders of Notary2Pro, Carol & Bill Ray

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