Barbara Ray, Director of Marketing

Barbara Ray is the current Director of Marketing and co-founder of Notary2Pro, and the eldest daughter of Carol and Bill Ray. Following Carol’s retirement from her successful career as an escrow officer, she took some time to travel with her husband before starting her own Notary Business. When Carol noticed the opportunity to share her knowledge and help people struggling to make additional income, she began instructional home videos for notaries looking for further training as loan signing agents.

While Carol offered the loan signing agent industry excellent training in a video format, Barbara was instrumental in transforming those videos into a comprehensive course that would come to be known as Notary2Pro. Carol was confident that Barbara could build the loan signing agent training course through her extensive graphics knowledge. Carol partnered for over 12 years to create, develop and maintain Notary2Pro. Through their initial efforts, Notary2Pro has become the most successful and respected loan signing agent course in the United States.

As a mother, Barbara remembers Carol as a woman who loved to laugh and tell jokes. As a business partner, Barbara recalls Carol as a great mentor, always genuinely loving and caring for all her students and graduates. She admired how much joy the success of Notary2Pro students brought to Carol. Barbara recalls, “When creating the Notary2Pro course, we knew it was something new and necessary, but we didn’t know the impact it would have on the students and the industry. Looking back, and even now we didn’t know how big Notary2Pro would become. My mom was a mentor to many, and she loved all her students/graduates, and their successes gave her so much joy. I am so proud to have created this course with my mom and to continue her legacy. “

Outside of her roles with Notary2Pro, Barbara is passionately creative, owns her own business, “Everything Else Marketing,” is a website designer, and is an expert in genealogy, especially her own family. She majored in U.S. History and minored in American Indian Studies at California State University Long Beach. Barbara is still an avid history buff who loves to learn about the past, with over 20 years of research experience. She also gained a Certificate of Completion in the ProGen Study Groups Program and a certificate in Guide to Documentation and Source Citation and American Genealogical Studies. She enjoys creating greeting cards and websites when she is not working or researching. Barbara is the current Director of Marketing of Notary2Pro.