Third Part of The Signing Quiz ++s

Bullet Points:

  1. Reviewing a Deed of Trust
    • Importance of covering key loan details
    • Note: Detailed IOU
    • Deed of Trust: Public loan notice
    • Notice of Right to Cancel: Only for refinance on a primary residence
  2. Notarizing Documents
    • Notarize in the signer’s presence after signing
    • Certificates: acknowledgments, jurats, etc.
    • Prefill details: date, venue, city, notary details
    • Complete at the location, not later
  3. Recheck your documents
    • Review after signing, ensure all signatures/initials
    • Make review a routine
    • Communicate the importance to signers
    • Consequences of missing signatures or initials

Insert Video: Carol Says: Okay now your signing has been completed. You really enjoyed it, great people and you got everything button up and ready to go. You double checked your documents, and everything is packed up. You want to be sure to thank everybody at the location for their hospitality. You can give them some idea about when the documents are going to be sent back to the lender. Furthermore, if there is a three-day rescission you can point out that it will not fund and record until after those three days have come to pass. Always be very cordial and always end with a smile. It really leaves a long and good impression. In addition, there is a good chance that you may see them again when they have another transaction and they ask for you.

My husband and I saw people over a period of seven years. We saw people three and four times. We pull up to the house and will, “oh this is really familiar, we’ve been here before.” We go inside and there like old friends we have been there three times before when they are refinancing, selling, or purchasing a home. On a side note, you can leave a business card with them and that’s so if they need to get ahold of you for some reason. Moreover, you can let them know that you can assist them regarding any of their notary needs; therefore, if they have some documents that they need to have notarized they can contact you. However, you must never market any other services. For instance, informing your client that you are an Avon dealer. Don’t talk to them about Avon. Another example is if you are an insurance agent. You should not discuss with them any details about your insurance agency. You really should not do any of those kinds of things; additionally, don’t ever try and get the customer to come to you rather them going through the title company that they have been using. That’s just not cool.

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