The Business of Signings Quiz +s

Bullet Points:

  1. The Business of Signings
    • Get paid and track payments
    • Maintain accurate work records
    • Systems like Notary Assist & Notary Gadget
    • Confirmation chronological file
  2. Faxing
    • Necessity in financial services
    • Use online faxing programs
    • Some assignments require “fax backs”
  3. Data Management
    • Importance of data security for Loan Signing Agents
    • Dedicated business email
    • Vendors may use online storage like DropBox, OneDrive
    • Organize electronic files & emails
    • Regular data backups
  4. Destroying Confidential Information
    • Use shredders for sensitive documents
    • Office supply chains offer shredding services
    • Never discard in regular trash
  5. Accounting – Your Money In/Your Money Out
    • Use notary software for invoicing and collections
    • Issue invoices promptly post-signing
    • Keep log of invoices, contacts, payments
    • Payments typically made between 30-45 days post-signing
    • Be polite, professional, persistent during collections
    • Follow up with detailed communication
    • Thoroughly read instructions
    • Make notes of special points
    • Call the vendor for clarifications
    • Double-check documents during printing
    • Re-check post-signing and pre-shipping

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