After the signing Quiz

Bullet Points:

  1. After the signing
    • Thank signers
    • Inform about shipping details
    • Always leave on friendly note
  2. Returning to your office
    • Report completed signing to vendor
    • Recheck loan documents for signatures
    • Note tracking number
  3. Shipping the Documents
    • Notarized documents needed for transaction closure
    • Assembly tips: staple checks, use binder clips, consider legal-size envelope, secure envelope, no sender name, don’t pay for shipping, get receipt
  4. Shipping
    • Follow shipping instructions from Order
    • Familiarize with shipping companies (FedEx, UPS)
    • Get receipt upon drop-off
    • Use free shipping materials
    • Double-check addresses and contents
    • Track using tracking number
  5. Avery Label
    • Attach to confirmation form
    • Helps track payment and confirm appointments

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