What’s Not Covered

The Notary2Pro Elite Signing Agent Course does not teach people how to become licensed notaries in a particular state. If you are not a commissioned Notary in your state, you are absolutely welcome and invited to take this training. Some of what you learn in the course may be helpful in your state licensing process. And, often, it works out well because you’re ready to go by the time you get your commission.

If you are not yet a Notary in your state, we suggest you start with the Notary2Pro introductory course, available for purchase as a standalone and automatically included as part of the Notary2Pro Elite Signing Agent Course. We also suggest you refer to the information about becoming a notary in your state available on the Notary2Pro website.

Remember, you will need to obtain information regarding the requirements and practices in your state. Understanding this information is very important. This course teaches notaries how to be professional loan signing agents but will not include the specific aspect of what you need to know to get your state certification as a Notary.

A vendor is the person who will hire you for Loan Signings or Closings. Remember, we teach you the fundamentals of becoming a loan signing agent. Vendors, such as lenders, title companies, or escrow offices, sometimes have particular requirements. You must adhere to those requests and instructions. We teach you the most common approaches, how to handle questions, and explain documents to build a solid foundation. No one course will teach every possible variation in the documents. We urge you to pay close attention to instructions, read directions, and contact the vendor for clarification if anything is unclear.

Finally, you must learn and understand the rules and regulations of your state. No course can teach everyone based on your state’s laws. What we teach you is generally correct and preferred, but as a Notary, you should get a copy of your state rules and regulations and always follow them. If your state has a handbook, download it or print it and carry it with you.

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