Warranty Deed 26 DELETE

This is a warranty deed. Deeds come in all different forms. There are quick claim deeds and warranty deeds. In addition, there are interspousal deeds and claimers’ deeds. A deed is from one person or persons called grantors who transfer the Title to the property to other people or another person called grantees. These documents transfer the interest in the property from one person to another.

So, remember this when you see the words “grantors” and “grantees,” you need to know. Sometimes you will get a quick claim deed that, let’s say, is from a husband and wife to the husband and wife, but they change the name. Maybe they went on the Title without their initials, and now they want to put their middle initials on the Title. Or perhaps you have a wife who is coming off of the property, maybe there is a divorce in the works, or they already divorced so that you might have a deed from Bill Smith and Mary Smith to Bill Smith as his sole and separate property.

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