Why is Notary2Pro the nation’s Best Choice for Professional Signing Agent instruction?

We have a lifetime 99.99% Customer Satisfaction Rate and an Industry-wide reputation for training graduates to achieve error free signings

Why are preventing errors so critical?

Your reputation as a Professional Signing Agent is built on avoiding errors and rework. A reputation for error-free signings is worth more than any amount of marketing or hype. Employers love Notary2Pro Graduates because they know that our graduates come with the skills to avoid troublesome errors and costly rework.

Notary Signing Agent Course

- Introduction
- Marketing
- Finding Your Way
- Accounting
- E-Signings
- Title & Escrow
- Documents

Beyond the Basics (Advanced)

- Introduction
- Identification
- Notarial Acts
- Title & Other Signings
- Additional information you will need as your career progresses.

The Elite Course

- Study at your own pace
- More than 12 hours of useful video instruction and hundreds of additional resources.
- Easy to understand and follow-along.
- Manageable sections leading to comprehensive understanding of the signing process.
- Real-world expertise and scenarios.
- 3 months access to our Library of Information, webinars, updates and material.

Reverse Mortgage Course

We offer a unique perspective on Reverse Mortgages which has proved valuable to those completing those signings

Unique Graduate Certification

- Notary2Pro certification is provided at no additional charge.
- Notary2Pro certification is recognized nationally and never expires.
- Many signing companies hire our grads and only our graduates, others prioritize work for Notary2Pro graduates.
- Certification tells employers you have the tools to be Professional and Error Free.

Only Notary2Pro includes Mentoring

- From your first signing and all the way through your successful business.
- 1 on 1 call with a mentor to prepare you for the signing.
- Pre-Signing resources to get you prepared for the signing.
- In-signing support in emergency.
- No additional fees - mentoring included in cost of course.
- Dedicated mentoring phone support.



- Access to updated training, webinars, groups and hundreds of resources, information,and tools to operate and grow your business.
- Exclusive list of 4 & 5 Star preferred hiring agencies open only to our graduates.
- Hundreds of examples of real critical documents with explanations.

Building your Success

- Training for error free signings
- The most reputable training in the industry
- Certification employers want to see
- The highest student satisfaction of any signing agent course

Our Testimonials

Hi Carol, Thanks for taking my call the other day ,it is always good to talk to a Pioneer of the Notary Signing Agent profession. I remember about 4 years ago trying to listen to your class lessons, and the work radio ( I retired from the Border Patrol), at the same time. After I passed your test, and I started to get many phone calls from signing companies who had seen I had taken and passed Notary 2 Pro's class, I decided to retire from the Border Patrol. By the way fun class to listen to, and I learned a lot about something I knew absolutely nothing about. It is good knowledge and I have been able to help friends and family members during there loan process with some things. And I remember some things as you said in your class, I always ask borrowers if there are any difficulties in finding there house, I take my flashlight(as it is dark here at 4:30 in Bellingham WA.) and I love to listen to the signers stories especially senior citizens. Have a great week Carol and Barbara, and thanks for taking my call concerning First American Title the other day.
Russ Kihm
I encourage all newer Notary Signing Agents to seek out Carol Ray and secure her mentorship. Even if you have taken signing agent training courses, she has much more to offer. She will move you to a much more advanced level - one you did not know existed. I came from the field of education and had no clue about the mortgage, loan and real estate industries, but Carol knows and will share freely with you. She has added to the skills I already had from the field of education and has brought me new and much needed insights. Whether you need specifics about a loan document or you just need moral support while under stress, Carol will be there for you. She was there for me and I am grateful!!!
Ellen J Shepherd
I am not being paid for this comment or advertising, but I just completed Notary2Pro training and even though I have been involved in this business for 16 years sometimes we do things subconsiciously and dont realize why. Its the old that is the way I have always done it. This course is especially great for new Notaries who need training. The owner Carol is very compassionate for the business and wants to help anyway she can. If you take this course and dont understand the docs or how to do a signing pick another career Joyce D. Hall Notary2pro grad too. I emailed Carol a couple of times to ask questions and she responded fast. I also feel like she has the best training course and I also recommend her.
Natashcha Ray
As a soon to be Notary Signing Agent I found these presentation videos to be quite helpful and informative. I am glad to be coming into this field at this time. Knowing that that these new Closing Disclosures with a 3 day lead way to the borrower will greatly improve the signing process is a huge relief. I now feel that I will be able to do my job much more effectively, and have the customer (borrower) be much more satisfied with my service provided. I do feel for Signing Agents who have in the past had to endure much question, confusion, and disappointment by the uninformed borrower. Often being the ones who gets the brunt of it. Kudos to those who persevered. Overall, thanks to Carol and company who continue to provide some of the best training and resources out there.
Sean Desmond