Are You Kidding Me?

The owner of a successful signing service called me, and she sounded a little down. When I asked her if something was wrong, she told me she had a day full of “notary problems”. This was a conversation that really bothered me. We all realize that there are a lot of Signing Agents doing less than a perfect job with their signings and their customer service doesn’t exist, but what she had to tell me was really awful. She hired a couple of notaries to do signings. She found both of them on one of the better-known professional databases. Both Notaries advertised that they were very experienced.

She received a call from one of the Signing Agents while at the signing. The question was,“I have something called a Notice of Right to Cancel, what am I supposed to do with this?”. WHAT! 

She received another call from a Title Company letting her know that the Notary (who advertised herself as having done over 5,000 signings), did not return a Deed of Trust in the package. Come to find out the lender failed to include one in the package. My question is, WHAT KIND of Signing Agent would gothrough an entire signing without realizing that there is no security instrument in the package? 

I teach my students the importance of going through the documents as they are being printed to double check them. They need to be the right size; right print and they need to make sure all documents did print correctly per the instructions provided them. 

Well, bad on me! It never crossed my mind to teach them to make sure that there are things like a Note or Deed of Trust in the package. So, this will serve as notice to all of you students, graduates, and Signing Agents. Please double check your documents to make sure that when dealing with LOAN DOCUMENTS there is a Note and a Mortgage or Deed of Trust. If not, call your vendor and let them know what you need before you go to your signing. 

And, to those of you who advertise your experience, you had better have the experience you claim to have because if you are lying it will catch up with you eventually. Our students are told to be truthful and never claim experience they don’t have. So, if you see a bio of someone who is a recent graduate of Notary2Pro, you will see that they post other experiences and qualifications showing why will be really good signing agents. Because they are graduates of Notary2Pro you can feel very comfortable hiring them!

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