Stephanie Rowland, Expert Faculty Member

Stephanie Rowland is an accomplished and essential expert Faculty member for Notary2Pro. As a graduate of Notary2Pro and a friend of our founder Carol Ray, Stephanie was honored to accept a position providing insight for course material and providing expert opinion and valuable mentorship to graduates. Most importantly, in her own words, Stephanie “helps preserve and carry on the legacy that Carol worked so hard and long to create.”

Beyond her Notary2Pro training, Stephanie received additional training through the National Notary Association and continues her education yearly. Stephanie also has five years of on-the-job training as a Professional Signing Agent and is a duly commissioned Notary in the state of Washington and is an Electronic Notary. Stephanie also has extensive experience in customer service and a vibrant passion for helping others succeed.

Stephanie loved Carol deeply and described her as one of the most influential people in her life. Like so many other graduates and students, Carol inspired Stephanie to believe in herself. Stephanie recalls a defining message in her life delivered by a sweet, soothing voice: “Stephanie, I see in you, someone who is going to make a huge difference in this industry. You will be sought out and make a name for yourself. You are a bright shining star!” Carol’s words that day spoke to Stephanie’s heart, and she never looked back. Over the years, Carol and Stephanie’s friendship would continue to grow. Stephanie remembers Carol fondly and says there is never a day when Carol isn’t on her mind and heart. Stephanie believes Carol changed the trajectory of her professional life and gave her the best gift of all, “She believed in me, Carol saw the diamond in the rough, and pushed me to be my best.” Stephanie believes that Carol is the standard for training Professional Singing Agents and is exceptionally proud to be a graduate of Notary2Pro and assist the company as a valued expert faculty member. Stephanie finds that Notary2Pro’s mission and values align with her professional and personal life.

Stephanie has two beautiful daughters and four lovely grandchildren who are her world. Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance and Music Education from Seattle Pacific University. She used her degree to teach music, sing professionally, and write and perform radio jingles while doing Professional Loan Signings. Notary2Pro is so grateful for Stephanie’s involvement with our company and the expert knowledge she offers.