Professional Wellness for Notaries and Loan Signing Agents

Professional Wellness is the ability to achieve a balance between work and leisure in a way that promotes health, a sense of personal satisfaction, and is financially rewarding. The United States observes Professional Wellness Month each year in June to spread awareness of the importance of a holistic environment for employees in the workplace. This month also illustrates how organizations emphasizing professional wellness are largely successful, attract top talent, and drive employee retention.

In most cases where loan signing agents work as independent contractors, loan signing agents are responsible for maintaining their own professional wellness, but don’t worry, Notary2Pro is here to help you! Our experts have compiled five simple tips for your professional wellness as a loan signing agent. If you find yourself lacking passion in your job, feeling overwhelmed by your workload, or not being able to enjoy your time off, this expert advice on sustaining your professional wellness as a loan signing agent is for you.

Remember, professional wellness affects all of us, and the negative feelings you may be experiencing are not unique to you!

First Tip: Stay Organized

Our experts say that staying organized is the first and most important tip in maintaining professional wellness as a loan signing agent. Staying organized will help prevent stress and ease your burden at the end of the tax year. Additionally, keeping an organized schedule will prevent overbooking and help you prioritize time for rest, family, friends, and hobbies. When planning your schedule set clear boundaries between your professional and personal time so you have enough time to take care of individual and family needs. The most successful and balanced loan signing agents are organized and consistent in their scheduling.

Second Tip: Take regular breaks from your desk and office

It is a common misconception that success comes from not taking breaks and utilizing every minute of work hours. However, studies have shown that employees that take regular intervals from the desk and leave the office for fresh air are more productive. If you find yourself very stressed or overwhelmed, you can even find relief in stretching, going for a walk, or doing breathing exercises. Taking breaks is excellent for the brain and can help you refocus your attention and energy when you return.

Third Tip: Make time to talk with a friend outside of work

Our experts say that it is so imperative to have friends or associates outside of your profession. Humans need positive and personal interaction and communication with other humans to sustain mental health. So many loan signing agents fill their day with signings and closings and use their nights to catch up on emails and other professional matters, never leaving time for their social lives. Professional wellness encompasses the entire individual, not just the professional aspects of themself. So while it might seem minimal, make sure you grab that coffee or lunch with a friend and make time for your social life. Interacting with people outside of our homes and jobs is essential. It may be affecting your professional wellness more than you think.

Fourth Tip: Make time for hobbies and rewarding tasks.

Sometimes, we need a distraction from the day-to day hustle and bustle of being a loan signing agent. Although we cannot always run from the cause of our stress, we can limit the stress by engaging in activities or hobbies that bring us joy. Engaging in a hobby or rewarding task can mean whatever you want it to convey in your life. From gardening to crafts, taking a new class, writing poetry, or doing photography. You must make time for the things that set your soul on fire and fill you with passion! After all, that is what life is all about.

Fifth Tip: Celebrate your successes and achievements with people you love

Congratulations! If you are a loan signing agent, you are vital to the real estate transaction closing process. Being a loan signing agent means understanding roughly 150 pages in a standard set of loan documents and exactly where signatures, initials, and dates are to be appropriately marked. Millions of home loan transactions happen every year that could not occur without the work of a loan signing agent. A loan signing agent deserves recognition, and you must pat yourself on the back! You have gone through the rigorous hours of studying, passing courses, gaining certifications, and becoming a notary public to get to where you are today.

Our experts say that it is imperative to celebrate your wins, especially with friends and loved ones. Taking the time to recognize your achievements allows you to pinpoint precisely what was successful and repeat it. Celebrating with people who love you and taking pride in your accomplishments, even the small ones, can also boost your self-confidence and motivate you to achieve more in your career and personal life. Notary2Pro is very proud of you and all your contributions to the home loan industry, and you should also be very proud of yourself.

Final Note:

While many loan signing agents believe that success comes from a rigid schedule and back-breaking hours, please remember that is not true! The best thing you can do for your professional wellness is not burnout! When you begin to feel like you are burning out, do not be afraid of putting yourself first. Always make time for the things and people you love, including yourself. Never sacrifice your well-being to achieve professional success. You deserve to be happy and healthy in a holistic way.