One Notary Public’s Tale of Year-End Traditions

As my business typically slows down a bit during the winter holidays, I enjoy having time for quiet reflection. I think about my professional successes over the past year, and the people and businesses who have helped my business grow. I enjoy reaching out with a phone call, email or a hand delivered thank you note to show my gratitude. Lastly, I begin reviewing additional Notary and Signing Agent training that I can complete over the first few months to stay educated and current in this industry that I love!

First in my thoughts this year, was the sad realization that our industry lost a dear friend and mentor; the one and only Carol Ray. This is my public thank you note to the Notary2Pro family, in honor of Carol … the outstanding company she founded. The company that provided me with the excellent tools, training and confidence that allowed me to continue to grow my business not only this year; but for the past 5-years.

In December of 2017, I had one year of dipping my toe in the waters of life as a Mobile Notary and Notary Signing Agent. After crossing the thank you notes/calls off my year end to-do list, I was tasked with searching for additional, well rated, and respected Signing Agent Training. After perusing my Notary Facebook groups and Notary Forums along with inquiries to Notary colleagues; one name kept resurfacing time and time again…Carol Ray and Notary2Pro. The internet content Notary2Pro made available was very educational and straight forward. I then stumbled on a N2P video on You Tube. In the video, Carol was driving home the importance of always answering your phone! She exhibited an eye-catching and entertaining way to show the importance and effectiveness of this one simple act (answering your phone) for growing a successful notary business. I got a good chuckle after watching it but then started reflecting on the person (Carol Ray) in the video. I thought about the vulnerability it took to make this unconventional, but entertaining video. I also thought about how I really believed that a true “teacher” uses many different tools to get across important ideas to their students. I decided then that Carol was my kind of teacher and Notary2Pro training was moved to the top of my list for 2018!

Fast forward over the 4 years since becoming a N2P Graduate. A lot of magical things have come my way professionally and personally:

My business grew after persistently (and professionally) reaching out to the contacts on the N2P Vendor List and becoming approved to work with them.

Carol’s availability for the occasional last minute (usually frantic) phone call gave me the knowledge and confidence to accept new types of assignments. I’ll forever be grateful for her patience and help! Even if I had called at an early hour (to this day; I’m challenged in converting west coast to the east coast time zones) she provided thorough and thoughtful insight to my questions.

I learned to be vulnerable to share my knowledge with other Notaries! I’ve made some amazing colleagues whom I consider friends in this industry. I’m one of the first to acknowledge there is plenty of work out there for all of us. If we do our best to accommodate our clients by offering them referrals to other notaries; the work will come back to us.
I have been so fortunate to build a personal and professional relationship with Barbara Ray! Like Carol, she is a Rockstar! She has the same kind and thoughtful way of communicating and has been so helpful with launching and maintaining my website!

I’m forever grateful for the personal growth and professional success that Carol Ray and Notary2Pro family has helped me achieve. I have no doubt that Notary2Pro will continue to offer outstanding, industry recognized training to the Notary community.

I extend my wishes for Happy Holidays and a Prosperous Healthy New Year to all N2P staff and graduates. As when we are combined together; I feel we truly represent the Notary2Pro Family!

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