National Reading Month

Did you know that March is National Reading Month? Check out Notary2Pro’s expert list of must have books as a Notary and Professional Signing Agent!

U.S. Notary Primer

The U.S. Notary Primer is a must for all Notaries and Professional Signing Agents who want to perform their official duties confidently and according to law and best practice. The book has eight comprehensive sections of laws and techniques that are conveyed through clear, easy-to-understand language and tables. The sections include:

  • Qualifications for becoming a Notary Public and contact information for all Notary Regulating Officials
  • Common notarial acts
  • Proper ways to identify signers
  • Procedures for maintaining a journal of notarial acts
  • Official seal and bond requirements
  • Obtaining authentication of the signature and seal of a Notary
  • Handling special circumstances
  • Actions considered misconduct and what penalties may result

State Notary Primer

Every state has a Notary Primer that explains the procedures, laws and certificate wording you need to perform any notarization in your specific state. This complete resource includes:

  • Proper ways to positively identify signers
  • Legal certificate wording for all notarial acts
  • Official seal and bond requirements
  • The text of state specific notary laws

Loan Documents Sourcebook (NNA)

The Notary Signing Agent’s Loan Documents Sourcebook is a must-have resource for both the beginner and veteran Professional Signing Agents. This book contains detailed information and sample loan packages for the five main types of loan transactions in addition to examples of various affidavits, conveyance deeds, security instruments, and other common and not-so-common forms Professional Signing Agents and Notary Publics routinely encounter.

ID Checking Guide (NNA)

The National Notary Association offers two up-to-date reference tools that provide valid formats for driver’s licenses and other identification documents to help notaries accept identity documents presented during a notarial transaction with confidence . There are two separate guides available for purchase. The first guide covers U.S. state, Federal and Territory ID documents; Canadian province and Territories; consular cards; and more. The second guide offers printed coverage of international ID documents, covering 175 countries and more than 570 driver’s licenses and identity cards. This guide includes full-color and full-size images of each document, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. These resources are only available to commissioned Notaries only. Proof of commission required for purchase.

The Complete How-To Guide (NNA)

The National Notary Association’s The Complete How-To Guide for Notaries is a must-have reference tool. This comprehensive nuts-and-bolts guide to learning and understanding notarization takes the mystery out of being a Notary Public and Professional Signing Agent. This guide will teach Notaries the ins and outs of virtually every Notary procedure, including: Acknowledgments, Jurats, Oaths and Affirmations, Proofs of Execution by Subscribing Witness, Copy Certifications and more.