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About the course: Who should take this course? 

Who should take this course? 

The Notary2Pro Professional Signing Agent course has been designed and refined over many years to help people who are interested in a part-time or full-time career as a notary signing agent.  This training gives people a comprehensive foundation for being a Professional Loan Signing Agent.  In this course we also cover many of the most critical aspects of starting and managing your notary business, marketing that business and of course getting signings.  The course provides extensive details about how to actually conduct signings as well, and details most of the documents involved, along with helpful hints and tips along the way.  Many of our students have never done signings and this course leaves them completely prepared and confident to go out, get signings and manage the signing process as if they have done it for years!  That is our goal for this course, and for you as a Notary2Pro Graduate.  

Because our course offers great detail and information around the signing process and the documents involved, we also have had many people in the escrow, title, real estate and lending industry take the course and share with us how much this has benefited them in their work.  In some cases, experienced notaries have taken this course, and found it helpful as they expand into new areas of signings or look to improve their skills.  Finally, we also have had many people who combined the notary signing business with things like their insurance business, their tax business, and accounting services and the Notary2Pro Signing Agent Course has helped them do that. 

So if this sounds like it would be useful for you, let’s hear more about where this course came from and what it does.