Section 2: Being a Notary

Survey of this Section

In this section, we want you to learn all about what it means to be a professional signing agent and notary public.  At the end of this section, we want you to understand the background and responsibilities of this job and you should be able to understand several associated areas.  We want you to understand the roles of many of the other people involved in typical signings, and to understand the high-level process for selling, buying and lending in Real Estate.


Some of what we will discuss will be the legal aspects of the signing agents job, including some of the key legislation concerning notaries.  These will include the Grahmm-Leach Bliley Act, the Patriot Act, and the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  Most importantly, we want you to understand some of the liabilities involved in notarization and we want you to have a clear understanding of the basic role of the notary and the concept of identification.

Some of the other important topics in this section include credible witnesses, the concept of competency, all about the Seal (or Stamp), and much important information about Acknowledgements, Jurats, and Oaths and Affirmations.  As always at Notary2Pro along the way, we want to give you some practical, actionable information.  At the end of this section we will talk about important Dos and Don’ts, as well as how to handle mistakes of various kinds.  

So, that’s the survey of section two, now let’s get started with a closer look at some of the practical aspects of being a signing agent and the Pros and Cons of the job itself.  

Becoming a professional signing agent

So what does it take to be a notary, and what can you expect from it as a job or career?  One thing we encourage you to do is take the self-assessment available on our website.  It’s designed to give you food for thought and insight into being a notary and setting good expectations.  

Becoming a notary who specializes in loan document signings is not extremely difficult, but it does demand knowledge, expertise and professionalism.  Once you have completed this course you are going to be a lot more valuable to those companies who are looking for well-trained notaries.