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Welcome to the Navigation Page

We are so pleased that you’ve chosen to take the Notary2Pro Professional Signing Agent Training!

We want you to feel comfortable that you are in good hands for this training, and we hope you’ll have an “eye’s wide open” feel for what being a Notary or Professional Signing Agent is all about.

How to Navigate

There are six total sections of the course that you progress through by section, lessons, and then topics.


By scrolling down on this webpage, you will see the heading ‘Course Content.’ Underneath is a navigatable table of contents.

Highlighted is a Section title.

Lessons expand in boxes underneath.

You cannot move to the next Section without completing the previous Section’s lessons, topics, and quizzes.


The circle to the left of the lesson title will show your status.

As seen, a blue checkmark means that the lesson has been completed.

The half circle means the lesson has been started.

An empty, white-grey circle means the lesson has not been started.

Expanding to see Topics and Quizzes

When you click on the ‘Expand’ blue button, it will show the topics and quizzes inside each of the lessons.

Highlighted here are all the topics within the first lesson. They will be shown after the Pre-course introduction lesson, titled ‘Overview of the Course.’

The blue bar tracks how many steps there are to complete the lesson, and shows completion percentage.

To hide these, press collapse.

At the end of our Pre-Course Introduction, our 0 Section, we want you to have a clear understanding of what to expect from the course and feel comfortable navigating your learning experience.

How to Start

So, without further delay, let’s get started!

Click on ‘Overview of the Course’ to begin the course!