Videos and Webinars

The Importance of Professionalism (October 18,2022)

October’s Roundtable Discussion focused on the importance of professionalism. Notary2Pro staff and faculty will highlight the crucial aspects of professionalism for notaries and loan signing agents. Our experts covered the integrity, respect and competence required of successful notary publics and loan signing agents. Our experts will also discussed appropriate dress code, punctuality, and behavior during a closing. Watch the replay now!

Marketing Your Business In a Down Market (August 23, 2022)

Notary2Pro’s August Roundtable Discussion offers great insights and valuable advice from our experts Stephanie Rowland and Andrea Douling on marketing your notary and loan signing business during a down market. Our research and surveys have shown that marketing is crucial to loan signing agent businesses at this time. We want to inform you of the best marketing practices for your notary and loan signing agent businesses. Watch the replay now!

Must Have Skills for Loan Signing Agents [May 17, 2022]​

Notary2Pro’s May Roundtable Discussion is jam-packed with helpful information and insights for new and experienced loan signing agents. Notary Stars owner and founder Ronnie Mickle and Notary2Pro’s C.E.O. Michael Ray, and faculty members Andrea Douling and Stephanie Rowland offer an informative conversation about the must-have skills for professional loan signing agents. Watch the replay now!

Legault Financial Services [March 22, 2022]​

Notary2Pro’s March Roundtable Series discussed several topics pertinent to notaries and professional loan signing agents during tax season. Our accounting and notary experts from LeGault Financial Services share information on how to effectively manage your business, maximize profits, and utilize eligible deductions. Don’t worry if you missed it, the replay is available here!

Growing Your Notary Business As a Professional Signing Agent [January 13 2022]

Notary2Pro’s January Roundtable discussed the topic of growing your notary business as a professional signing agent with two experts in the field of notary. Julie Winkel of Signature Closers is an experienced Manager of Client Relations who provided valuable insights from an employer perspective. Andrea Douling is a successful Professional Loan Signing Agent and entrepreneur with a viral YouTube channel called “Not Me Notary”. She offers great information in an engaging video format.