Andrea Douling, Expert Faculty Member

Andrea Douling is a valued expert Faculty Member of Notary2Pro. She provides expert knowledge, mentorship, and guidance to assist Notaries and Professional Signing Agents in delivering exceptional customer service to their clients, executing documents without error, and building the necessary confidence to succeed in this industry. Most importantly, Andrea is instrumental in carrying out the legacy Carol intended for future generations of graduates. Andrea said, “It is an honor for me to be a member of the Notary2Pro Faculty and to help Mrs. Carol’s vision of helping notaries across the country to be as skilled and proficient as possible.”

Andrea started her notarial journey in the great state of Maryland, where there are unique steps to becoming a Professional Loan Signing Agent. In Maryland, to pursue a career as a Loan Signing Agent, a pre-licensing course is required to be a Title Insurance Producer Independent Contractor (TIPIC). The license requires all TIPICs to pass an exam and obtain 16 continuing education credits every two years. Having already completed the Notary2Pro Elite course before this process, Andrea decided to repeat the program before completing Notary Essentials (NNA) and the Signing Agent Certification (NNA). She holds supplementary certifications through Notary Public Procedures, Applied Notary Practices and Procedures, and Advanced Notary Services through Prince George\’s Community College. Andrea also manages a YouTube channel called “Not Me Notary” that offers excellent information and valuable insights to Notaries and Loan Signing Agents in an engaging video format.

A former student of Carol and graduate of Notary2Pro, Andrea fondly recalls the calming and soothing voice that first inspired her and so many others to believe that they could be a Professional Signing Agent. Andrea entered the industry without a real estate background. Nevertheless, thanks to Carol’s calm and straightforward teaching of the understanding and execution of the documents, Andrea felt invincible in her pursuit of this new career. She remembered receiving her first signing, “I called Carol, and she talked me right out of my fears…I was so scared…but her voice…her sweet calming voice helped me so much!” To Andrea’s surprise, Carol commented on one of her YouTube videos: “I mentioned something Carol taught me on a video, and she commented on my channel!” she continues, “Can you imagine a celebrity commenting on your channel?!” Andrea respected Carol’s expertise and knowledge of the industry, while Carol admired Andrea’s attention to detail, understanding of documents, and information delivery. Andrea described Carol as sweet, peppy, and warm-spirited from their interactions and believes her involvement with Notary2Pro has come full circle.

Andrea finds that Notary2Pro’s mission and values align perfectly with her professional and personal life. She has described herself as a perfectionist throughout her career who strives for accuracy 100% of the time while offering exceptional service to clients and signing services. She has a strong passion for teaching others how to be excellent Professional Signing Agents by providing effective communication techniques to build confidence and dismantle fears and doubts throughout the signing process. Andrea believes, “You only fail when you stop trying,” in every aspect of her life. Andrea is a wife and mother of three boys who works full time while conducting loan signings and running her successful YouTube channel “Not Me Notary” on the side. She loves helping others and giving back to her community through her work as a Loan Signing Agent. Andrea is very grateful for the heartwarming moments and experiences at the closing table and the many people in this profession who have changed her life. Notary2Pro is very appreciative of all of Andrea’s involvement with our company and the expert knowledge that she offers.